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Green Bank Scientific Staff

by Karen ONeil last modified Mar 14, 2016
Complete listing of all scientific staff, by location

Staff located in Green Bank, WV

Name Title/Specialty



Dr. Nichol Cunningham

Post-Doctoral Researcher

(304)456-2143 ncunning
Dr. David Frayer

Scientist - GBT 4mm Receiver, high-frequency

(304) 456-2223 dfrayer
Dr. Frank Ghigo Scientist - GBT surface, special observations (304) 456-2208 fghigo
Dr. Jay Lockman GBT Principal Scientist (304) 456-2302 jlockman
Dr. Ryan Lynch Scientist - Pulsars (304) 456-2357 rlynch
Dr. Ron Maddalena GBT Scientist (304) 456-2207 rmaddale
Dr. Toney Minter Head of GBT Telescope Operations (304) 456-2275 tminter
Dr. Karen O'Neil Green Bank Site Director & Assistant Director for WV Operations (304) 456-2130


Mr. Dan Perera GBT Data Analyst (304) 456-2395 dperera
Dr. Richard Prestage Scientist - GBT Pointing and Control Systems, Instrumentation (304) 456-2222 rprestag
Dr. Hanna Sizemore Adjunct/Visiting Scientist - Planetary Science, Mars (304)456-2157 hsizemor

Staff located in Charlottesville, Va

Name Title/Specialty Phone email
Dr. Dana Balser Scientist (with OSO) - Data archive, telescope pointing, accuracy (434) 296-0242 dbalser
Dr. Jim Braatz Scientist (with ALMA) - Principal scientist for GBT data pipeline (434) 296-0251 jbraatz
Dr. Brian Mason Scientist (with ALMA) - GBT continuum, bolometer arrays (434) 244-6831 bmason
Dr. Scott Ransom Astronomer - GBT pulsar science (434) 296-0320 sransom


Staff are located in Green Bank, West Virginia (GB) or Charlottesville, Virginia (CV)

All email addresses are followed by [at] nrao.edu