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NRAO Data Archive

All scientific data ever taken with NRAO instruments are available online.

Data Shipping Policy

Data shipping information for VLA & VLBA data disk requests.

VLA Calibrator Monitoring (CALMON)

Since 2017 the default CASA pipeline runs on VLA programs and VLA test observations. Successfully determined calibrator flux densities are automatically extracted and, to first order, presented as a spectral overview and a time series per source.

VLA Archive Survey (NVAS)

Eligible archival continuum VLA observations during 1982-2005 were provisionally pipelined using AIPS and archived. Raw and calibrated calibrator and target source visibilities and images are available and may be useful for further processing or analysis.

Known problems with Archived Data

Historical overview of problems with archived data.

Observing Logs

The array operator logs are being merged with the new e2e archive system, this lookup tool has been provided as a stopgap measure to tide us over until the work is done. The logs here are from October 2003 onwards, older logs can be found using the previous tool.

Image Gallery

This gallery contains a collection of astronomical images taken with NRAO instruments, as well as photographs of NRAO telescopes and facilities.

Archive Policy

All scientific data from NRAO telescopes are stored in an archive. The archive contains the raw data: GBT files in FITS binary table format, export files from the old VLA, ASDM formatted files from the current VLA, and FITS-IDI files from the VLBA, including correlated data from any non-VLBA telescopes that have been used in conjunction with the VLBA. These data are reserved for the exclusive use of the observing team for a fixed period after the last observing session of a project has been completed. This proprietary period is 12 months following the last observation.