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VLA Workshops and Events

by Emmanuel Momjian last modified Jun 16, 2017
The list is incomplete for the previous years.

Events in 2017

EventDatesData Download*Exit Survey

NRAO/LBO Community Day @ University of Michigan

March 29 VLA tutorial NRAO/LBO Survey

NRAO/LBO Community Day @ UNAM-Morelia

April 25-26

 VLA & VLBA tutorials


NRAO/GBO/LBO Community Day @ Cornell

July 10-11

 ALMA & VLBA tutorials


6th VLA Data Reduction Workshop

October 23-27



 * Firefox browser recommended (Chrome or Safari may not list the directory content in the ftp domain). Alternatively, use ftp:
>ftp ftp.aoc.nrao.edu
login as anonymous and enter you email address as the password
>cd pub/NRAO-CDE
then cd to the event that reflects your university and year of event, and get or mget the file(s) of interest.

Events in 2016

5th VLA Data Reduction Workshop March 14-18
15th Synthesis Imaging Workshop June 1-8