by Gustaaf Van Moorsel last modified Feb 12, 2016 by Emmanuel Momjian

For detailed information regarding data processing refer to the CASA and AIPS documentation pages.

The following information addresses details specific to executing CASA or AIPS at the NMASC by our visiting observes with accounts such as nm-####.


    • To start the current release version of CASA, type
    • CASA derivatives, such as plotms or the viewer, can be started outside of the casa session, by typing
    • To start the current release version of CASA with integrated pipeline tasks, type

See the CASA pipeline webpage for more details.

To see a list of other available CASA versions, type:

casa -ls

to start one of these versions, type casa -r <version>, where <version> is the release number as it appears in the list. For instance, to start casa 4.4.0, type,

casa -r 4.4.0-el6



When your nm-#### account is created, the necessary files to execute AIPS are also made by default. Therefore, to run aips on a cluster node, type

aips tv=local