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Collaboration, Financial Support, Results, Graduate Students

by Amy Mioduszewski last modified Aug 29, 2013

Staff Collaboration
Some users may be interested in being provided with an NRAO staff collaborator, who would work with the user on all aspects of an observation, from schedule preparation to imaging and data analysis. This can be arranged on an individual basis for users based at U.S. institutions. Proposers should bear in mind the fact that NRAO staff will not do all the VLBA work for them, but will work collaboratively to help teach them VLBI techniques while working on the scientific program. The best idea is to look at the list of research interests of VLA/VLBA scientific staff in NRAO-Socorro and select one that shares your research interest and contact them directly about possible proposal ideas. If unsure how to proceed submit a HelpDesk ticket.

Financial Support for Data Reduction
Financial support is available for observers affiliated with U.S. institutions who wish to visit NRAO to reduce their VLBA data. Details about the financial support are available from the NRAO Director's office.

Scientific Results and Publications
Timely preparation of scientific papers based on VLBA observations is the responsibility of the investigators. NRAO will provide assistance with page charges for observations which are based wholly, or in part, on VLBA observations; this financial assistance is available only for investigators based at U.S. institutions.

Graduate Students
NRAO has a pre-doctoral fellowship program that permits students to spend 2 years at an NRAO site working on their dissertation using data from the VLBA (or other NRAO telescopes). In addition, NRAO's summer-student program has a number of slots for graduate students. Students in both programs are paid stipends during their tenure at NRAO. Information about these and other NRAO student programs can be found here.