Problem with MPICasa

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Problem with MPICasa

Postby mrmarianetti » Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:01 am

Hello! Im trying to make some studies for my thesis using MPICASA but when I try to use the following command for example on my terminal:

mpicasa casa -n 2

I get the following error:

Open MPI tried to fork a new process via the "execve" system call but
failed. Open MPI checks many things before attempting to launch a
child process, but nothing is perfect. This error may be indicative
of another problem on the target host, or even something as silly as
having specified a directory for your application. Your job will now

Local host: localhost
Application name: casa
Error: No such file or directory
I've tried lots of defferent ways trying to fix it, installed lots of different libraries, I event created an environment variable for the file "mpi.h" in case it couldn't find it. I don't know what else to do (The environment variable "casa" exists for runing casa).

Thank you!

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Re: Problem with MPICasa

Postby jott » Fri Jan 18, 2019 2:38 pm

since there seems not to be enough traffic on the forum, please send your question to the NRAO helpdesk:



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