Use of Forum and Google Group

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Use of Forum and Google Group

Postby gtrichards » Wed Mar 05, 2014 5:05 pm

Hi all,

As Gordon explained in his last email, a VLASS-type survey is still on the table, and they have set up a "Science working group" to hash out more of the details. This is currently split into several area-specific working groups, one of which is the Extragalactic working group (EWG). We hope all of you will actively participate.

There are two main ways to communicate with the group. Detailed instructions on how to use both methods follow.

I. Forum: The powers that be have set up forums online for each of the working groups at: ... ion-forums
The sub-forum for the EWG is here: viewforum.php?f=61
You can log in with your username and password (click 'login' in upper right hand corner). In order to get notifications when something new is posted to the EWG forum, you must subscribe to the EWG forum. To do this: click on the link that says 'Subscribe forum' at the bottom of the EWG page. This will subscribe you to the forum, meaning that you will get email notifications when something new is posted (though the email won't contain the content of the post).

II. Google group: Because Gordon and I have some reservations about using the forum as our main means of communication, we've also set up a google group, which is basically an email list. We prefer this method, as it's passive (i.e. the info will appear in your email), whereas you have to be actively signed in to the forum to see what's been posted there. You should have received an email invitation already, but please contact Gordon if not. Click the link in the email to Accept the invitation. You can either sign in with your gmail account, or register a different email address. To do the latter, 1) Make sure you are logged out of any gmail accounts, 2) Click on the Accept invitation link in the email from Gordon. 3) At the sign-in page, choose 'Create an account'. 4) Click the link under 'Username' for 'I prefer to use my current email address'. Fill in the information for that email address. This will send a verification email to that address. 5) Click the link in the verification email.

You can then message the group either through the group website, or by simply sending an email to

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or Gordon.

ps- Apologies if some of you get this twice - I'm sending to the group and individuals until we make sure everyone is signed up and good to go.


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