ALL-SKY component discussion

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ALL-SKY component discussion

Postby gtrichards » Mon Mar 10, 2014 11:09 am

ALL-SKY VLASS component range of possibilities:

Area = ~34000 sq. deg (dec>-40)

Depth = ~100uJy (up for discussion)

Bandpass: S (default, but L or S+L up for discussion)

Multi-epoch: only if desired and overhead is acceptable, not needed

Array : B, A, combination, or custom

Polarization: Yes (default, just need to figure out how that affects
the overhead and thus the depth/area)

Arguably the strongest argument for the WIDE component of VLASS is the
relatively poor resolution of EMU/WODAN and the large number of
galaxies/stars in the beam at the depths of current and upcoming
optical surveys (particularly LSST). For an ALL-SKY component of
VLASS, there won't be LSST coverage to provide the depth in the
optical. Pan-STARRS provides the necessary spatial coverage, but a
question is if it is deep enough to justify the time to include such
an ALL-SKY tier. Either way, this tier needs a strong champion (other
than Richards, Hodge, or Jarvis) if we are to pursue it.

Please discuss the merits and optimal configuration for an ALL-SKY
tier. Either by responding to this message or posting to the google
spreadsheet at ... sp=sharing

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