Iterating on the EWG's baseline VLASS plan

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Iterating on the EWG's baseline VLASS plan

Postby gtrichards » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:15 pm

You can now see all of the draft survey definitions
(ours, Galactic, and Transients) at: ... 032414.pdf ... tic_WG.pdf ... nsient.pdf

Jackie and I will reach out to the other groups to see where we have
common ground. In the meantime, we have another week to work on this
as the other groups didn't have as much discussion as we did and
wanted more time.

I suggest that we use that time to stress-test the baseline plan.
Both in terms of science goals and logistics. For example, the tiers
were driven initially by science, but then modified by logistics. Are
they still optimally consistent with science goals that will be of
broad interest to the astronomical (and not just radio) community?

In terms of logistics, let's go through each of the things where we
haven't come to a final decision and see if can converge.

Feel free to send comments to the group by e-mail, but for the sake of
everyone's e-mail sanity, we also set up more pages in the spreadsheet
with entries for science and logistical items for each of the tiers.
*See the tabs at the bottom for the different tiers*. As a reminder,
the spreadsheet is at ... sp=sharing

Please fill these out over the next week (between now and Monday 31
March). Don't assume that someone has it covered. If you have any
thought or opinion, please share it. Indeed, don't just give your
opinion, also take the point of a (rational) referee. If you need
more than a short sentence or two, then please do send e-mail to the
group instead and just put a placeholder on the spreadsheet indicating
the time/date of your e-mail so that it is easy for Jackie and I to
compile responses later.

Gordon & Jackie

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