Decadal Survey Questions Related to Galactic Topics

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Decadal Survey Questions Related to Galactic Topics

Postby rosten » Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:01 pm

I dug out the list of questions that the 2010 New Worlds New Horizons' Decadal Survey came up with that touched on Galactic Topics, to help frame the discussion about science topics as we think about the maximizing the science return of a VLASS:

    *What controls the mass-energy-chemical cycles within galaxies?
    *What are the connections between dark and luminous matter?
    *How do baryons cycle in and out of galaxies, and what do they do while they are there?
    *How do black holes grow, radiate, and influence their surroundings?
    *How do stars form?
    *How do circumstellar disks evolve and form planetary systems?
    *How do rotation and magnetic fields affect stars?
    *What are the progenitors of Type 1a supernovae and how do they explode?
    *How do the lives of massive stars end?
    *What controls the mass, radius, and spin of compact stellar remnants?

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