Galactic Survey Target Areas

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Galactic Survey Target Areas

Postby smyers » Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:19 pm

Another thing to start to sketch out is what the key target areas of sky are. The most obvious is the Galactic Plane (what l and b ranges?), plus any higher latitude (usually nearby) extension areas such as Taurus or Orion star-forming regions, polar spurs, etc., and maybe M31 (though this is more likely for a completely separate proposal). There probably needs to be a bit of a wedding cake as far as integration time and bands go.

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Re: Galactic Survey Target Areas

Postby lsjouwerman » Tue Mar 11, 2014 3:50 pm

Of course for a yet undefined survey there is no reason to limit the scope beforehand. In my opinion the VLA should observe the entire Galactic Longitude range accessible to the VLA, ie. -20 to 260 degrees. As for latitude, the range should include the best match to what is available from other surveys, or what could be available from other surveys in the future. My interest, again for a yet undefined survey, would be to include from -5 to +5 degrees, to match MSX and the GBT galactic plane surveys as they have the larges homogeneous plane coverages, and as Steve points out, perhaps som excursions into Orion (and Taurus, Ophiuchus), but that would not be much additional area if +/-5 deg is already covered. I think the latter would depend on whether the main interest is synchrotron radiation (SNRs) or star formation (SFRs) - the same discussion as for the observing frequency.

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