Suggestions for Galactic co-chair replacement needed ASAP

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Suggestions for Galactic co-chair replacement needed ASAP

Postby c.c.lang » Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:50 pm

Because the review of the VLASS proposal has been changed until Spring 2015, and I will be on sabbatical in Tasmania, Australia during that time, Rachel and I would like to solicit names of interested people who have been active in this working group who might like to step up and take my place (or work with me) as co-chair. It will not be possible for me to attend the February review in Socorro and telecons will be difficult because of the time change.

Rachel and I both agree that someone who has some experience in Galactic surveys would nicely complement the work that has already been done in this group.

The timing is crucial - the sooner the better - it would be great to find someone this week! - because there will be a review of the current proposal draft in the next few weeks and there are still some issues to be sorted out in the Galactic science case.

Please post or email Cornelia or Rachel with an indication of your own interest or the name(s) of good candidates.


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