full version of VLASS proposal

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full version of VLASS proposal

Postby rosten » Fri Sep 12, 2014 11:03 am

In case someone missed the e-mail sent to the vlass-announce exploder, here is a copy:


Dear Colleagues,

The first draft of the VLASS survey proposal is now posted on the NRAO
VLASS wiki at:


This draft underwent some internal review and comment, and revision is
currently underway based on those comments. We expect a new draft will
be completed on or around October 15 and posted on the public
wiki. This next version will be submitted for internal NRAO technical
and science review, revised, and again posted for community comments
around January 1, before finally being reviewed by an external
committee. The entire astronomical community should feel welcome to
submit comments on the proposal at any point during this process
to this or the appropriate WG forums.

In devising this plan, the science white papers have been used and
built upon to create a broad-based 3-tiered 2-4GHz high-resolution
survey with all-sky, wide area, and deep field components. Although each
individual tier could have made use of the full observing time to best
promote those science goals, it was felt by the Survey Science Group
(SSG) that a combined survey would provided the greatest impact for the
widest user base.

Note that the initial draft of this proposal was written with the goal
of observing commencing in late 2015. With a review now envisioned for
early March 2015, upon a green-light the observing for VLASS would start
no earlier than Spring 2016.

The individual SSG Working Group chairs will also be posting to the
relevant WG forums regarding issues for those groups going forward.

For the SSG,

Stefi A. Baum (VLASS SSG Co-Chair)
Eric Murphy (VLASS SSG Co-Chair)
Claire Chandler (NRAO VLASS Director)
Steven Myers (NRAO VLASS Technical Lead)

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