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VLASS Calculator

Postby claw » Wed Mar 26, 2014 1:01 pm

Hi Everyone,
I've already spammed all the other working group fora, but I'll post this here for completeness...
In the interest of coordinating planning between working groups, visualizing the VLASS proposals, and optimizing proposals, I've put together a calculator for VLASS planning. The calculator is in the format of an IPython notebook, which is essentially a Python script with visualizations built in. The key point is that it is easy to see the assumptions used and rerun the calculations. More on IPython notebooks at http://ipython.org/notebook.html.
Take a look at the current snapshot of the notebook at http://goo.gl/k8TGom. At present, only I can re-run the analysis, but it is trivial to do so. Ultimately, I'd like to make it possible for any VLASS person to run it.


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