Technical Issue - Mulltiple processing runs of data

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Technical Issue - Mulltiple processing runs of data

Postby gsivakoff » Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:10 am

Dear TWG,

Given the number of hours likely to be spent by the VLASS observing, I would love for us to make maximal use of the data.

One of the things that is becoming evident in most of the survey plans from the target working groups is a preference for high resolution observations. While that may be fine for most of the target science being discussed, I think we need to consider ways of recovering extended flux in some data products from the survey. To that end, I was wondering whether multiple processing runs will be a possibility.

For instance, I can envision imaging being done with a tapered weighting scheme (or schemes) to regain som extended flux sensitivity.
Similarly, one could imagine a uniform weighting scheme for targets requiring the highest resolution.

Does this type of approach seem reasonable?
If so, what effect does this have on the target working group's suggestions?
Also, if so, how would we merge the data into a minimum of tables?

Finally, will we be keeping the raw (or at least correlated) visibility data, and flagging information, to easily enable future reevaluation of the VLASS data?

Thanks for considering this,

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