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2018 Calendar and Cohorts

by Davis Murphy last modified Sep 12, 2018 by Lyndele von Schill

NOTE: This page is regularly updated to reflect the developing program.


Calendar of Activities

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NAC VI Diversity Speakers


6/13/18 Eric Wilcots NAC meeting and dinner
6/19-21/18 Moiya McTier NAC meeting and dinner; ThUNA talk
7/5/18 Hakeem Oluyesi NRAO Diversity talk and meeting with students
7/10-12/18 Sinclaire Manning and Antonio Porras NAC meeting, NAC business dinner
7/12/18 Andrea Razzaghi, NASA Special presentation; Diversity speaker
7/20/18 Eboni Bugg NAC - Self care
7/25/18 Sylvester (Jim) Gates NAC meeting; Diversity presentation
7/26/18 Charles Liu NAC meeting; Diversity presentation


NAC VI Summer Experience



Previous Cohorts

NAC III (Summer, 2015)

NAC IV (Summer, 2016)

NAC V (Summer, 2017)