by Davis Murphy last modified Sep 08, 2016 by Lyndele von Schill

2016 NAC Program Timeline




November 2

NRAO Summer Student Application opens

November 10

NAC Advisory Board Meeting

November 12

Finalized NAC Application and 2016 Process

December 1

Flyer with Application Link and Schedule ready for distribution to HCBUs and MSIs


January 4-8

AAS Meeting - NAC student posters, and NAC Ambassadors

January 18-29

Mentor training material finalized, and ‘contracts’ created

February 1

NRAO Application closing

February 15

NAC Application closing

February 15-26

NAC mentor training, and contracts signed;

March 1

List of NAC mentors finalized

March 1

NAC Applications distributed to NAC site leads for review

March 2

Training event for mentors: "Imposter Syndrome" - Johanna Teske

March 1-18

NAC interviews take place; mentors in interview

March 1-18

Mentor training continues, if needed

March 21-25

NAC students selected/assigned to cohorts/mentors

Identifying speakers

March 28

2016 NAC students notified

April 4-15

“What to expect” documentation prepared for 2016 NAC web pages (students): https://science.nrao.edu/opportunities/student-programs/nac/our-model

April 25

Welcome letter to NAC students

May 11

"Mentoring Diversity" and "Unconscious Bias" training with Dr. Keisha John:

May 22

First NAC Hangout for new students. "Welcome to the NAC"  2-3pm EDT

May 23 & May 31

Arrival/Orientation for NAC students

Late May-Early June

Mentee/Mentor meeting during first week: agreement, expectations, plan, IDP

June 6-9

Summer School in Green Bank, WV

July 9

2pm - NAC Hangout: Effective Presentation Strategies for presenting scientific research

Late July-Early Aug

Prepping for NAC Conference

July 31st

NAC Hangout - Self-care during challenging times


Final (summer) formal meeting with mentor

Sep 9-11

NAC IV meeting at Howard University

Sep 11-13

Princeton Visit - seniors

Late Sep/Early Oct

AAS submission and preparation, including travel

October 30

NAC Hangout: Professional Development/Climate for Astronomy Jobs


Feedback on AAS posters and abstract

Nov 27

2pm NAC Hangout: An Inclusive Astronomy (guest speaker)

Dec 18

2pm NAC Hangout: What expect at the AAS meeting


Jan 3-7

AAS Winter Meeting, Gaylord Hotel, Grapevine, TX