Name Affiliation Attend
Tim Bastian NRAO in-person
Crystal Brogan NRAO in-person
Sarah Church Stanford University remotely
Stephane Claude NRC-Herzberg remotely
Kieran Cleary Caltech remotely
John Effland NRAO in-person
Ricardo Finger University of Chile remotely
Paul Goldsmith JPL remotely
Christopher Groppi ASU remotely
Yuh-Jing Hwang ASIAA remotely
Daisuke Iono NAOJ remotely
Bahman Karimi York University remotely
Brian Kent NRAO in-person
Tony Kerr NRAO in-person
test kim nrao in-person
test kim nrao in-person
test kim nrao in-person
test kim nrao in-person
Mark Lacy NRAO in-person
Adam Leroy NRAO in-person
Sheng-Yuan Liu ASIAA remotely
Leslie Looney University of Illinois in-person
Satoki Matsushita ASIAA remotely
Dick Plambeck U.C. Berkeley remotely
Phil Puxley NSF remotely
Erik Rosolowsky University of British Columbia Okanagan remotely
Kawabe Ryohei JAO remotely
Peter Teuben U of Maryland remotely
Nick Whyborn ALMA JAO remotely
melvyn wright u.c.berkeley remotely

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