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HiZ ISM 2012

The Interstellar Medium in High Redshift Galaxies Comes of Age Participant List

Name Affiliation
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Manuel Aravena ESO
Andrew Baker Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Loreto Barcos University of Virginia
Frank Bash McDonald Observatory
Alberto Bolatto University of Maryland
Jake Borish University of Virginia
Robert Brown NRAO/NAIC Retired
Alain Castets IPAG Grenoble, France
Pierre Cox IRAM
Sean Cutchin NRL/NRC
John Davis Retired
Duilia de Mello CUA
Robert Dickman NRAO
Neal Evans University of Texas at Austin
Simona Gallerani Scuola Normale Superiore - Pisa - Italy
Miller Goss NRAO
Eduardo Hardy AUI-NRAO
Andrew Harris University of Maryland
John Hibbard NRAO
Phil Jewell NRAO
Brian Kent NRAO
Amy Kimball NAASC-NRAO
Mark Lacy NRAO
Claudia Lagos Durham University
Adam Leroy NRAO
Harvey Liszt National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Carol Lonsdale NRAO
Jeff Mangum NRAO
Minnie Mao NRAO
Paul Martini Ohio State University
Karl Menten MPI fuer Radioastronomie
Raquel Monje Caltech
Juan Carlos Munoz-Mateos NRAO
Desika Narayanan University of Arizona
Phil Nelson Concord University
Ray Norris CSIRO Astronomy Space Science
Robert O'Connell University of Virginia
Alison Peck NRAO
George Privon UVa
Karen Ransom NRAO
Dominik Riechers Cornell University
Anish Roshi NRAO, Green Bank and Charlottesville
Mark Sargent CEA Saclay Service d'Astrophysique
Anneila Sargent California Institute of Technology
Kimberly Scott NAASC/NRAO
Nick Scoville Caltech
Chelsea Sharon Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Kartik Sheth NRAO
Ronald Snell University of Massachusetts
Johannes Staguhn Johns Hopkins University/GSFC
Ting Su Johns Hopkins University
Jacqueline van Gorkom Columbia University
Paul Vanden Bout NRAO
Joaquin Vieira Caltech
Lyndele von Schill NRAO
Lisa May Walker University of Virginia
Fabian Walter MPIA
Ran Wang University of Arizona
Tommy Wiklind ESO/JAO
Al Wootten NRAO
Min Yun University of Massachussetts

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