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Law - Real Time (abstract)

by Steven Myers last modified Dec 17, 2013

From Fri Nov 29 23:13:55 2013
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 21:42:44 -0800
From: Casey Law <>
Subject: VLASS white paper abstracts

"Real-time Transient Detection in the VLASS"

We describe the science potential of the VLASS with the
inclusion of real-time transient detection. The VLASS will have high
sensitivity, long time on sky, and a large field that are crucial to
detecting faint, rare radio transients. Detecting transients in real
time (< hour response time) will allow the VLA to coordinate follow-up
observing for transients ranging from SNe to XRBs to novae to
ultracool dwarfs and flare stars. This development requires addressing
the challenge of the "data deluge", a necessary step to realize the
full potential of the VLA (and all astronomers) in the study of