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Position corrected VLASS1.2 images available

by Mark Lacy last modified Oct 01, 2021

The Epoch 1 VLASS quicklook images (VLASS1.1 and VLASS1.2) suffer from a systematic position error that is a function of the zenith distance of the observation, reaching up to 1" in the far south of the survey where zenith distances were largest. These errors are removed in the second epoch quicklook images. We have now applied a correction to the VLASS1.2 images that removes the errors in these too. Corrected images are available in the VLASS1.2v2 directory in archive-new.nrao.edu/vlass/quicklook. The old VLASS1.2 directory will be deprecated. Corrected VLASS1.1 images will be made available later this year.