by Eric Murphy last modified Jan 17, 2018

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ngVLA Simulation Tools & Materials

We are working on improving the integration of ngVLA into the CASA simulator environment. A casaguide is forthcoming. In the interim, we have the following materials available:

Configuration Files for CASA (updated Sept. 7, 2017): We include a finite set of notional configurations for the ngVLA that span a limited range of phase space. This information is provided as a simple resource to help the community carry out imaging simulations/investigations that critically explore the science capabilities of the proposed array. We expect that such investigations will lead to suggested modifications to these notional configurations for specific science cases, and hope the community will report on such findings via ngVLA memos and/or refereed publications.

  • SW214.cfg:  The baseline configuration for the ngVLA as it stands in Sept, 2017, based on extensive community input and design studies. The array has a total of 214 antennas of 18m diameter. Of these, 114 are in a 'core' of about 2km diameter, centered on the VLA site. Then there are 54 antennas extending to current VLA A array baselines (30km), oriented along the current rail lines (this may be modified in the future, if needed). The remaining antennas extend to about 600km, mostly to the South and East, into Texas and Mexico. This configuration has incorporated practical constraints, such as power, roads, access, and in some cases, fiber. The performance has been shown to be reasonable for imaging on various different scales (see the ngVLA memo series).
  • SWcore.cfg: This configuration is just the 114 core stations from the SW214 array above. For low resolution simulations, there are practical reasons not to include all the long baselines in the CASA simulator.
  • SWVLB.cfg:Includes the SW214 configuration, plus 9 more antennas on longer scales, out to 2500km baseline lengths.
  • A guide on necessary changes to the CASA configuration to effectively use the ngVLA configurations for simulation work. 
  • tarball file including all above configurations, the CASA guide, and a readme file.  

ngVLA Receiver Configurations

ngVLA Poster and Slide Templates for Presentations

  • A 36" x 42" poster template: get file
  • A 42" x 36" poster template: get file
  • 16:9 ngVLA PPT slide template: get file
  • 4:3 ngVLA PPT slide template: get file

ngVLA Sensitivity Calculator

  • The ngVLA Sensitivity Calculator is under development.  Please refer to ngVLA Memo #17 to compute your sensitivity estimates for now.