ngVLA Workshop at the AAS

full-day NRAO workshop will be held Monday, 4 Jan 2016 to discuss concepts for an ngVLA. This workshop will take place immediately prior to the AAS meeting in Kissimmee, Florida, the winter AAS meeting venue. Read more…

2nd ngVLA Technical Workshop

A 2nd Technical Workshop for a next generation Very Large Array (ngVLA) will be held at the Domenici Science Operations Center in Socorro, New Mexico on 8-9 Dec 2015. Registration for the 2nd ngVLA Technical Workshop is free and is now open.

ALMA Program News

ALMA began Cycle 3 observations as scheduled on 15 Oct in a long baseline configuration. Baselines span 267 m to 12.645 km, providing a beam size of ~0.06 arcsec at 100 GHz, with a maximum recoverable scale at that frequency of 1.4 arcsec. Read more…

AUI Selected to Manage NRAO

The National Science Board announced on 20 Nov that  the NSF will negotiate a new 10-year, $862 million cooperative agreement (CA) with Associated Universities Inc. (AUI) to manage NRAO. This new CA will begin on 1 Oct 2017 and funds operation and management of the Karl G. Jansky VLA, the North American share of the international ALMA, and the Central Development Laboratory. Additional information regarding the NSB announcement is available in an AUI press release.

Robert L. Brown Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 

Applications for the 2015 Robert L. Brown Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award should be submitted  by 31 January 2016.  This recognition of outstanding achievement by a 2015 Ph.D. recipient was established by NRAO / AUI on behalf of Bob Brown’s friends and family to honor Bob’s life and career. Read more…

NRAO Office of Diversity & Inclusion

We are pleased to announce that Lyndele von Schill has been selected as the Director for the NRAO Office of Diversity & Inclusion. She will play a key role within the Director’s Office in achieving the mission of increasing and advocating for staff diversity and inclusion across the Observatory. Lyndele will provide leadership and oversight for NRAO’s local, national and international broadening participation and diversity initiatives. Read more…

Recent Press Releases

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