ngVLA Opportunities

by Mark Adams last modified Aug 10, 2016

As part of envisioning a well-designed and budgeted concept for a next-generation Very Large Array (ngVLA) that will yield transformational science and open a broad swath of new discovery space in the coming decades, the NRAO announces two major community initiatives. 

ngVLA Community Studies Program

The NRAO is pleased to issue a Call for ngVLA Community Studies that will be vital to crafting an ngVLA concept for consideration by the full community via the Astro2020 Decadal Survey. Proposal deadline is 30 September. Pre-proposal telecons will be hosted by NRAO on 18 Aug & 7 Sep (13:00 EDT). NRAO anticipates funding most accepted proposals at a modest level to offset publications page charges and travel expenses to a mid-2017 ngVLA Science Conference. Several of the highest-impact Studies may be funded at a more significant level. 

ngVLA Science Advisory Council

The NRAO solicits nominations for membership to an ngVLA Science Advisory Council (SAC) that will act as the interface between the scientific community and NRAO, providing feedback and guidance towards a comprehensive design for a next-generation cm-to-mm wave interferometer centered around the VLA site. Nominations and self-nominations are due by 14 Sep. We anticipate announcing the SAC members by 30 Sep.

Questions regarding these ngVLA opportunities should be sent to

15th Synthesis Imaging Workshop

Attendees of the 15th Synthesis Imaging Workshop that was held in Socorro, NM from 1-8 May 2016. Details about this year's workshop can be read in the latest edition of the NRAO eNews.

Robert L. Brown Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award

The Robert L. Brown Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award is administered by AUI and the NRAO on behalf of Bob Brown’s friends and family to honor Bob’s life and career. The Award is given each year to a recent doctoral degree recipient from any recognized degree-granting institution in the U.S., whose doctoral thesis is substantially based on new observational data obtained at an AUI facility and considered to be of an exceptionally high scientific standard. Read more…

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