NRAO Events at the AAS Meeting

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NRAO Town Hall: Thu, 11 Jan, 6:30–8:30 pm EST

The NRAO Town Hall at the January 2018 AAS meeting will feature an opening reception sponsored by AUI, a presentation by NRAO Director Tony Beasley, and time for discussion and audience questions.

The VLA Today and Tomorrow: Thu, 11 Jan, 2-3:30 pm

The NRAO has also organized a Special Session entitled The Very Large Array Today and Tomorrow: First Molecules to Life on ExoplanetsRead more…

Mid-scale Research Infrastructure

The NSF has released a broad RFI to the U.S. science & engineering community, seeking input on existing & future needs for mid-scale research infrastructure. We urge scientists engaged in research that could be  enhanced by additional NSF  investment to review the RFI announcement and consider submitting a response that describes your mid-scale needs and interests.

Semester 2018A Outcomes


The NRAO has completed the Semester 2018A proposal review and time allocation process for the VLA. A total of 259 new proposals were received for the 1 Aug 2017 submission deadline. The oversubscription (by proposal number) was 2.2x and the proposal pressure (hrs requested over hrs available) was 1.3x for the A config and 1.4x for the D config – consistent with the long-term averages. Read more…

Student Observing Support Awards

The NRAO Student Observing Support (SOS) Program supports research at U.S. colleges and universities by students working on approved ALMA or Jansky VLA programs. The program currently supports ~12 students for each ALMA Cycle and ~3 students for each VLA semester, providing up to $35,000 per award. The recent success rate of SOS proposals has been almost 50%. Read more…

Recent Press Releases

View all NRAO Media Releases at the NRAO public website.

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