Expressions of Interest in PI-led "eXtra Large Proposals"

by Mark Adams last modified Jun 15, 2018 by Davis Murphy

nrao.jpgThe National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), Long Baseline Observatory (LBO), and Green Bank Observatory (GBO) invite submission of brief Expressions of Interest (EoIs) in Principal Investigator-led "eXtra Large Proposals" (X-Proposals) for the Very Large Array (VLA), Very Long Baseline Array, and Green Bank Telescope requiring 1000 hours or more of telescope time, and running over multiple semesters (and possibly multiple VLA configurations).  The submission deadline for Expression of Interest for X-Proposals is Thursday, 31 August 2018.

IAU General Assembly: Division B Events

Several key events will occur at the XXXth IAU General Assembly in Vienna that are being organized by Division B: Facilities, Technologies, and Data Science. A wide-ranging scientific session on New Results in Radio Astronomy will be held on Friday afternoon, 24 August. A half-day program on The History of Large Single Dish Projects and Lessons Learned will take place on Monday afternoon, 27 August. Read more…

Science Review Panelists Needed

Image of VLA, GBT and VLBA, intended for display with Call for Proposals.

Members of NRAO’s Science Review Panels (SRP) play a very important role in identifying the Science Programs for these world-leading radio telescopes. If you are interested, volunteer to be an SRP member by filling out a simple formRead more…

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