Call for Abstracts: NAASC Workshop

by Mark Adams last modified Feb 11, 2016 by Davis Murphy

The NRAO–North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC) is delighted to announce a Call for Abstracts for the 2016 NAASC Workshop on Molecular Gas in Galactic Environments to be held 4–7 April 2016 in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

Registration and abstract submission are available via the 2016 NAASC Workshop website – the abstract deadline is 15 February 2016.

15th Synthesis Imaging Workshop

The 15th Synthesis Imaging Workshop will be held on June 1-8, 2016 at NRAO and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, New Mexico (NMT). The workshop will be comprised of a week of lectures on aperture synthesis theory and techniques at a level appropriate for graduate students in astrophysics. The workshop also includes two days of practical tutorials demonstrating data collection, calibration, and imaging of various types of data, including new data from the Jansky VLA, ALMA and the VLBA.

NRAO Live! Workshops

In advance of the ALMA Cycle 4 Call for Proposals, we will have a series of NRAO Live! events at North American institutions. The goal of these events is to provide users with the knowledge needed to carry out cutting-edge scientific research using NRAO facilities. We are particularly interested in reaching new users: no radio astronomy experience is required to participate!

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