Save The Dates: 15-17 December 2015!

The NRAO is organizing a series of 3 conferences to discuss potential U.S. futures for radio-mm-submm science in the 2020’s and beyond. Funded by AUI and the Kavli Foundation, the first meeting will be 15-17 Dec 2015 in Chicago. Please save these dates & join us for this important discussion. The June eNews will provide the conference website and registration info.

ALMA Cycle 3 Call for Proposals

ALMA received 1582 Cycle 3 proposals, compared to 1382 proposals in Cycle 2. A total of 9037 hours was requested for the array of 12m telescopes, a 24% increase over Cycle 2. Forty-seven countries represented the 1100+ PIs and 3X that many proposers. The proposal fractions were similiar to previous cycles: 29% N America, 42% Europe, 19% E Asia, 8% Chile, and 3% outside the partnership. Review Panels will meet 22-26 Jun in Osaka. The final proposal ranking is expected in Aug.

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ALMA Development Studies Deadline

Study Proposals received by 5:00 pm EDT, 12 June 2015 will receive full consideration. Multiple proposals may be submitted by individual organizations and institutions. Each proposal, however, must comply fully with all of the applicable requirements, including content and submission by the deadline.

The completed studies will be used, together with similar studies from the other ALMA partners, to augment and implement the ALMA Development Plan. Please see documents developed by the ALMA Scientific Advisory Committee at the Call website describing development priorities.

Amazon - SKA Computing Proposals

Amazon Web Services and the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Organisation have issued a joint Call for Proposals to use Amazon cloud computing resources for radio astronomy data reduction, or for tools and techniques development. Additional information is at the SKA Organisation website.

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