2023 Jansky Fellowship Program

The NRAO invites applications for the 2023 Jansky Fellowship Program. Since its inception over 60 years ago NRAO has been enabling forefront research into the Universe at radio wavelengths. In partnership with the scientific community, we provide world-leading telescopes, instrumentation, and expertise, train the next generation of scientists and engineers, advance broader, equitable, inclusive participation in science and engineering, and promote astronomy to foster a more scientifically literate society.

The submission deadline for the 2023 Jansky Fellowship Program application is Tuesday, 1 Nov 2022 for the fellowship appointments starting in Sep 2023. For details on the 2023 Jansky Fellowship Program, and on how to apply, visit the Program’s website.

New North American ALMA Regional Center Manager

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Catherine Vlahakis as the new North American ALMA Regional Center (NA ARC) Manager and Division Head, effective Monday, 15 Aug 2022. Catherine had been serving as the Interim NA ARC Manager since 23 May 2022, when Anthony Remijan departed to become the new NRAO Assistant Director of Science Support and Research. Read more…

ALMA Ambassadors Data Processing/Analysis Workshops

The North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC) and the Cycle 9 ALMA Ambassadors have organized a series of workshops on the processing and analysis of ALMA data that will take place in Sep and Oct. The goal of these events is to train users on basic data processing and analysis techniques that they may need to use ALMA for scientific discovery. The locations and dates for these workshops are listed on the NAASC Community Events webpage.

ALMA Post Doc Fellowships

The Joint ALMA Observatory is offering postdoctoral fellowships with the ALMA science operations group in Santiago, Chile. ALMA Postdoctoral Fellows will be appointed for a period of three years and will spend 50% of their time dedicated to their personal scientific research. Read more…

CARTA Version 3.0 Released

The Cube Analysis and Rendering Tool for Astronomy (CARTA) is an image visualization and analysis tool designed for the ALMA, the VLA, and the SKA pathfinders, MeerKAT and ASKAP. A new version of CARTA, v3.0, was released 23 Aug and is available for download. CARTA Feature Highlights describes the new features. Read more…

VLA Pipeline Bug Affecting Flux Density Scale of Multi-band Observations

A software bug has been discovered that can affect the flux density scale of multi-band data calibrated by the VLA pipeline. This issue is present for datasets where the fitorder used in the hifv_fluxboot/hifv_fluxboot2 tasks was greater than 2. If your data set was single-band, or the fit order in your multi-band data set was less than or equal to 2, your calibrated data are not impacted by this bug, which is in the pipeline and not in CASA. Manually calibrated data are not impacted. Read more…

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