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Scientific Staff

by Jessica Utley last modified Feb 11, 2019

NRAO Scientific Staff

The table below lists each member of the NRAO scientific staff, their scientific interests, and functional duties at the Observatory. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses for all employees are available in the NRAO Directory.


Tenured Staff

T. S. Bastian

Charlottesville, VA

Solar/stellar radiophysics, heliophysics; Frequency Agile Solar Radio telescope (FASR) planning and development; Assistant Director Science Support & Research.

T. Beasley

Charlottesville, VA

NRAO Director: Stellar activity, radio stars; very Long baseline interferometry techniques and applications; SETI; astrometry and celestial frame definition; space situational awareness.

C. Brogan Charlottesville, VA

High-mass star formation, astrochemistry, masers, magnetic fields, supernova remnants, small-scale structure in the interstellar medium, ALMA/NAASC, ALMA CASA subsystem scientist.

C. Carilli

Socorro, NM

Formation of First Galaxies and cosmic reionization; HI 21cm cosmology; gas and dust in early galaxies; Radio Galaxies; NRAO Chief Scientist.

J. J. Condon

Charlottesville, VA

Dark energy, Hubble constant, black hole masses, nearby galaxies, evolution of star formation, radio surveys, radio emission from QSOs, supermassive black holes not in AGNs.

W. D. Cotton

Charlottesville, VA

Extragalactic radio sources, interferometry, cosmic masers, computational techniques for data analysis, scientific support, NRAO sky surveys.

A. S. Evans

Charlottesville, VA

Extragalactic, multi-wavelength studies of infrared galaxies, radio galaxies and quasar hosts; ALMA/NAASC, ALMA/ NAASC web pages. NRAO/UVA Joint Faculty.

E. B. Fomalont

Charlottesville, VA

ALMA Charlottesville Science Verification, CASA Scientific Steering Committee, Astrometry and Relativity Tests, VSOP and RadioAstron coordination, VLBA Spacecraft Tracking, Deep Radio Imaging.

D. A. Frail

Socorro, NM

Transient radio sky with emphasis on EM-GW.

A. R. Kerr

Charlottesville, VA

Millimeter- and submillimeter-wave receiver development, SIS mixer design, CDL and ALMA Project.

H. S. Liszt

Charlottesville, VA

Interstellar chemistry, diffuse clouds, galactic structure;  NRAO Spectrum Manager and Chair of IUCAF; NAASC member specializing in the ALMA Observing Tool, proposal preparation and scheduling.

E. Murphy

Charlottesville, VA

Galaxy formation and evolution; star formation and its associated feedback on the ISM of galaxies; cosmic ray propagation and magnetic fields; radio surveys; next-generation VLA Project Scientist.

S. T. Myers

Socorro, NM

Cosmology, cosmic background radiation, gravitational lenses, epoch of reionization, radio synoptic sky surveys, radio transients, interferometric imaging algorithms, ALMA and VLA scientific support.

F. N. Owen

Socorro, NM

Evolution of galaxies, clusters of galaxies, radio galaxies, deep continuum surveys; EVLA.

R. A. Perley

Socorro, NM

Interferometry, polarimetry, antenna and receiver metrology.

M. Pospieszalski

Charlottesville, VA

Microwave and millimeter-wave low-noise devices, amplifiers and receivers, CMBR radiometers; EVLA/VLBA/GBT/ALMA receiver development.

S. M. Ransom

Charlottesville, VA

Pulsar searches and timing (especially binary and millisecond pulsars) and applications for basic physics; pulsar infrastructure improvement.

H. A. Wootten

Charlottesville, VA

Star formation, structure and chemistry of the ISM in galaxies, circumstellar material; ALMA Program Scientist.


L. T. Ball

Charlottesville, VA

Assistant Director: Science Support and Research. Particle acceleration, synchrotron emission and inverse Compton scattering in supernovae, pulsar winds and radio/X-ray transients.

D. S. Balser

Charlottesville, VA

Galactic structure and abundances, H II regions, planetary nebulae; telescope time allocation, science data archive.

L. D. Barcos Munoz

Charlottesville, VA

Extragalactic Astronomy; Galaxy Evolution; Star Formation; AGN; outflows; Interacting Galaxies: e.g., Arp 220; Observations at Radio, Millimeter, Submillimeter and Infrared wavelengths. ALMA/NAASC: ALMA Ambassador Program.

J. Braatz

Charlottesville, VA

Cosmic masers, active galaxies, cosmology, molecular gas in AGN, ALMA user support, Student Programs Coordinator.

B. J. Butler

Socorro, NM

Planetary astronomy; variable sources; Division Head, VLA/VLBA Array Science Center.

J. Carpenter

Santiago, Chile

Formation and evolution of stars, planetary disks and systems. ALMA Observatory Scientist

C. Chandler

Socorro, NM

Star formation, circumstellar disks, protostellar outflows; Director of the VLA Sky Survey project.

M. J. Claussen

Socorro, NM

Masers, young stellar objects, AGB stars, pre-planetary nebulae, spectropolarimetry; EVLA/VLBA user programs, EVLA and VLBA scientific support; EVLA commissioning; VLBA/EVLA scheduling.

S. A. Corder

Santiago, Chile

Rapid accretion events from low mass stars, outflow feedback in star-forming regions, debris disks and the search for young planetary systems, techniques in wide-field imaging, interferometric calibration approaches; ALMA Deputy Director.

P. C. Cortes

Santiago, Chile

Star formation with a special interest in the role of magnetic fields.

J. R. Cortes

Santiago, Chile

Kinematics and dynamics of galaxies, galaxy evolution, galaxy-galaxy interactions, sub-millimeter galaxies; ALMA science.

P. Demorest

Socorro, NM

Pulsars; High-precision pulsar timing and gravitational waves; Interstellar scattering; Polarimetry; Signal processing; Pulsar instrumentation and analysis software.

V. Dhawan

Socorro, NM

JVLA and VLBA science & engineering support, system tests. Radio and X-ray observations of microquasars, VLBA astrometry, spacecraft tracking.

R. L. Dickman

Charlottesville, VA

Interstellar medium, molecular clouds, gravitation and dark matter.

B. H. C. Emonts

Charlottesville, VA

Origin and evolution of radio galaxies; the cold circum-galactic medium at high redshifts; low-surface-brightness millimeter interferometry; CASA User Liaison.

R. K. Friesen

Charlottesville, VA

Star formation, molecular cloud structure and evolution, astrochemistry; ALMA user support.

A. S. Hales

Santiago, Chile

Dust and gas evolution in Protoplanetary and Debris Disks. Planetary Formation. Episodic Accretion in FU Ori  and Ex Ori systems. Astronomical Polarimetry. ALMA: Array Calibration, Astrometry. 

J. E. Hibbard

Charlottesville, VA

Extragalactic HI, galaxy evolution, merging galaxies; data reduction pipelines

T. R. Hunter

Charlottesville, VA

High-mass star formation, protoclusters, UCHII regions, hot cores, outflows, masers; millimeter/submillimeter interferometry; ALMA commissioning and analysis utilities; CASA pipeline heuristics; atmospheric calibration and antenna position determination.

C. M. V. Impellizzeri

Santiago, Chile

Active galaxies, molecular gas in AGN, water mega-maser emission, high redshift AGN; ALMA commissioning and science support.

R. Indebetouw

Charlottesville, VA

(High mass) star formation, interstellar medium and molecular clouds; NAASC user support,  ALMA simulator and pipeline; NRAO/UVA Joint Faculty.

P. R. Jewell

Charlottesville, VA

Interstellar molecules, and astrochemisty; NRAO Deputy Director and Assistant Director for North American ALMA Operations.

A. D. Kapinska

Socorro, NM

Radio galaxies, relativistic jets, galaxy evolution, AGN feedback, nearby star-forming galaxies, continuum radio surveys, (very) low radio frequencies, computational radio galaxy evolution; EVLA/VLBA Science support, user support, student programs (Socorro).

B. R. Kent

Charlottesville, VA

Nearby galaxies and clusters, galaxy dynamics; VLA pipeline.

A. Kepley

Charlottesville, VA

Star formation, molecular gas, dust, and magnetic fields in nearby galaxies, GBT 4mm system, ALMA pipeline development, CASA testing.

A. Kimball

Socorro, NM

Extragalactic radio sources, quasars and luminous active galactic nuclei, high-redshift galaxies, multi-wavelength sky surveys, data reduction pipelines; VLA Sky Survey (VLASS), VLA user support, VLA CASA subsystem scientist.

M. Lacy

Charlottesville, VA

Quasars and active galactic nuclei, distant galaxies and galaxy evolution, extragalactic surveys. NAASC, ALMA archive and user support.

J. G. Mangum

Charlottesville, VA

Galactic and extragalactic star formation; Molecular spectroscopy of comets; Antenna performance characterization; Millimeter/submillimeter measurement calibration; ALMA; Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Editor-in-Chief.

J. Marvil

Socorro, NM

Extragalactic star formation and evolution; large radio surveys; data reduction pipelines; calibration and imaging techniques.

B. S. Mason

Charlottesville, VA

Galaxy Clusters, Observational Cosmology; Imaging Algorithms; Instrumentation Development; ALMA & GBT support; team lead, NA-ALMA Scientific Software Support.

M. M. McKinnon

Socorro, NM

Pulsars, radio polarimetry; statistics; Assistant Director for New Mexico Operations; ngVLA Project Director.

J. Donovan Meyer

Charlottesville, VA

Nearby galaxies, outer galaxy disks and HI-dominated environments, giant molecular clouds, star formation, field early-type galaxies. NAASC, CASA Scientific Testing Lead, user support, ALMA data combination.

A. J. Mioduszewski

Socorro, NM

Astrometry of young stellar objects, novae, symbiotic stars; VLBA/VLA support, VLA Scheduling Manager.

E. Momjian

Socorro, NM

(Ultra) Luminous IR Galaxies, extragalactic HI surveys, deep continuum surveys, cm-wavelength molecular lines, OH megamasers, VLBI imaging of high-z QSOs and sub-mm galaxies, Galactic methanol masers, Zeeman effect; VLA testing, VLA/VLBA Scientific User Support group lead.

J. Ott

Socorro, NM

Molecular cloud and star formation in nearby active, dwarf, and interacting galaxies; multi-wavelength observations of the ISM in galaxies; galaxy evolution; the Galactic Center; CASA Project scientist; VLA user support and sub-system scientist for VLA pipeline infrastructure.

A. Plunkett

Charlottesville, VA

Star formation, protostellar outflows, molecular cloud evolution; NAASC user support, ALMA archive.

A. Remijan

Charlottesville, VA

Astrochemistry, astrobiology, physical and chemical conditions of the interstellar, circumstellar, and cometary media; NA ARC Manager.

J. D. Romney

Socorro, NM

Active extragalactic radio sources, interstellar medium, spacecraft navigation, VLBI instrumentation, VLBA scientific support; VLBA Sensitivity Upgrade Project Leader.

D. A. Roshi

Charlottesville, VA

Radio Recombination Lines, Galactic Interstellar Medium, Galactic Star Formation, Phased Array Feed, Signal Processing and Radio Astronomy Instrumentation.

F. Schinzel

Socorro, NM

Active Galactic Nuclei/Quasars; relativistic outflows; unassociated gamma-ray sources; radio/gamma-ray sky connection; low-frequency radio interferometry; very long baseline interferometry; VLA sky survey; VLA/VLBA Science Support

L. O. Sjouwerman

Socorro, NM

Circumstellar masers and AGB stars; centers of the Galaxy and Andromeda, interstellar masers and SNR/MC interactions; data-reduction pipelines in AIPS; VLA/VLBA scientific support; subsystem scientist for the observing preparation tool (OPT).

J. Tobin

Charlottesville, VA

Low-to-intermediate mass star formation; proto-planetary disk formation; multiple star formation; protostellar outflows; molecular clouds; astrochemistry.

C. Vlahakis

Charlottesville, VA

Galaxies, interstellar medium and star formation, molecular gas (especially in active radio galaxies); NA ALMA Telescope Interface and Diagnostics Team Lead.

J. M. Wrobel

Socorro, NM

Intermediate-mass black holes, massive black holes on the move; next-generation VLA (ngVLA), VLA Sky Survey (VLASS).

I. Yoon

Charlottesville, VA

Atomic and molecular gas in galaxies, Galaxy morphology, Bayesian statistics, Stellar dynamics, Supermassive black holes, NAASC ALMA user support and pipeline development.

Scientists/Computational Science

S. Bhatnagar

Socorro, NM

Supernova remnants, Galactic astronomy, Wide-band surveys, interferometric imaging and calibration algorithms, scientific computational techniques, high performance computing using multi-core CPU, GPUs and FPGAs, Algorithms research and development (ARDG)/Production scientific software development (CASA).

K. Golap

Socorro, NM

Low-frequency calibration and imaging, imaging algorithm development, CASA.

E. W. Greisen

Socorro, NM

Radio galaxies, HI in galaxies, interstellar medium, computer analysis of astronomical data; AIPS.

P. Jagannathan

Socorro, NM

Polarimetry, Interferometry,  Synthesis imaging algorithms, High Performance Computing, Algorithms R&D, Faraday Synthesis, Radio Deep Fields, AGN.

G. Moellenbrock

Socorro, NM

Polarization interferometry, VLBI, astrometry, kpc parallaxes; synthesis calibration and imaging algorithms, CASA; ALMA and EVLA commissioning support; ALMA, EVLA and VLBA user support.

R. Simon

Charlottesville, VA

ALMA testing in Chile.

T. Tsutsumi

 Socorro, NM

X-ray binaries, the Galactic Center, extragalactic variable radio sources, interferometric and single dish data analysis systems; CASA.

R. V. Urvashi

Socorro, NM

Numerical techniques and high-performance computing applied to interferometric image reconstruction, calibration and RFI-removal; CASA (software development), ARDG (algorithm research).

Scientists/Research Engineering

R. F. Bradley

Charlottesville, VA

Special-purpose radio telescope systems, low-noise amplifiers, array receivers, adaptive RFI excision, advanced receiver development, Dark Ages / Epoch of Reionization science, and radio-based particle physics; Low Noise Radiometer Laboratory Group Leader.

W. Brisken

Socorro, NM

Pulsars, astrometry, interstellar scattering; VLBI software correlation.

M. Morgan

Charlottesville, VA

Millimeter-wave MMIC design, analog-digital-photonic integration, Integrated Receiver Development Group Leader.

O. Y. Ojeda

Charlottesville, VA

Signal processing and statistics, large-scale back-end solutions, algorithms and machine learning.

O. Noroozian

Charlottesville, VA

Ultra-sensitive cryogenic photon detectors and instrumentation for astrophysics (far-IR, submm/mm, THz, mid-IR, UV, gamma-ray); Superconducting detector arrays for direct imaging and integral-field spectroscopy; Kinetic Inductance Detectors (KID), Transition-Edge Sensors (TES), and single-photon counters for NASA’s Origins Space Telescope (OST); On-chip cryogenic spectrometers for submm spectroscopy on space, balloon, and ground platforms (e.g. µ-Spec); Next-Generation coherent receivers and SIS mixers for ALMA; Superconducting electronics; Low-noise electronic measurement; Quantum-limited wideband parametric amplifiers (e.g. TKIPs); Planetary IR to far-IR remote sensing.

S. K. Pan

Charlottesville, VA

Superconducting millimeter--and submillimeter--wave low-noise devices, circuit and receiver development.

K. Saini

Charlottesville, VA

ALMA local-oscillator development, frequency-multiplier development; ALMA Front-End System engineering.

W. Shillue

Charlottesville, VA

Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Photonics, Coherent Local Oscillator Generation and Distribution, Phased Array Receivers

S. Srikanth

Charlottesville, VA

Electromagnetics, optics and antennas. Development of polarizers and broadband feeds for cm to mm-wave applications.

Emeritus Scientists

B. G. Clark

Socorro, NM

EVLA control and software development, VLA/VLBA scheduling

M. A. Gordon

Socorro, NM

CO, galactic structure, gas-rich galaxies, interstellar medium.

W. M. Goss

Socorro, NM

Galactic-center studies, galactic masers, pulsars, supernova remnants, nearby galaxies; history of radio astronomy.

J. R. Fisher

Charlottesville, VA

Cosmology, signal processing, phased array feed design, advanced receiver development, RFI mitigation; former NRAO Chief Technologist.

E. J. Hardy

Santiago, Chile

Cosmology, galaxies, stellar populations; former Assistant Director for Chilean Affairs and NRAO/AUI representative in Chile.

D. E. Hogg

Charlottesville, VA

Structure of spiral galaxies, stellar winds.

K. I. Kellermann

Charlottesville, VA

Extra-galactic radio sources, quasars, cosmology, radio telescopes, history of radio astronomy; NIO, NRAO Archives, space VLBI.

C. Lonsdale

Charlottesville, VA

Starburst galaxies, ultraluminous infrared galaxies, active galactic nuclei, galaxy evolution, large scale structure, extragalactic surveys, Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, WISE;

P. J. Napier

Socorro, NM

Radio-astronomy instrumentation, antenna and system design for VLA, VLBA, & ALMA; SKA & CCAT design.

M. S. Roberts

Charlottesville, VA

Extragalactic hydrogen, normal galaxies, dark matter.

A. R. Thompson

Charlottesville, VA

Radio-astronomy instrumentation, theory and practice of radio interferometry and synthesis imaging, interference mitigation and spectrum protection for radio astronomy.

P. A. Vanden Bout

Charlottesville, VA

Interstellar medium, star formation, high- redshift molecular emission galaxies, galaxy formation/evolution.

R. C. Walker

Socorro, NM

Extragalactic radio sources; VLBI, VLBA development, VLBA scientific support.

Jansky Fellows

K. Akiyama               

Jansky Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Event Horizon Telescope, black hole physics, galaxies: active, Interferometric Imaging Techniques, Imaging Processing

L. Fissel  

Jansky fellow at NRAO Charlottesville;  star formation; role of magnetic fields in the formation and evolution of the ISM, molecular clouds, and star forming cores; dust polarization; instrumentation; balloon-borne astronomy.

A. Ginsburg 

Jansky Fellow in Socorro; High-mass star formation, interstellar medium, Galactic center; mm and cm imaging.

L. Locke

Jansky Fellow in Charlottesville (Central Development Lab); instrumentation engineering, microwave and millimeter-wave receiver development, phased array antenna design, waveguide feeds and polarizers.

R. Loomis

Jansky Fellow in Charlottesville; astrochemistry, protoplanetary disks, interferometry, imaging techniques and image processing.

K. Mooley

Jansky Fellow at the Caltech.  Radio transients, neutron star mergers, radio surveys, VLASS.

N. Denman

Jansky Fellow in Charlottesville (Central Development Lab); digital instrumentation, correlator design, GPU-accelerated processing, high-performance computing infrastructure, high-cadence RFI excision.

B. Svoboda

Jansky Fellow in Socorro; high-mass star and cluster formation, interstellar medium, astrochemistry, dust polarization; interferometry and molecular spectroscopy.

N. Thyagarajan

Jansky Fellow in Socorro; Epoch of Reionization; 21cm Intensity Mapping; Foreground and Instrument characterization for redshifted 21cm experiments; Slow and Fast Radio Transients; Novel Correlator Architecture Development; Radio Interferometry Techniques

J. Villadsen  

Jansky Fellow in Charlottesville; Low-mass stars: magnetic activity, flares and eruptions, coherent radio emission, VLBI of radio coronae; Software and commissioning for radio experiments

Research Associates and NRAO Postdoctoral Fellows

C. Hales

ngVLA Research Associate in Socorro.

P. Sheehan

Research Associate in Socorro.  The early stages of star and planet formation and the structure and masses of protostellar disks. Protoplanetary disks, protostellar masses, dust and gas in disks, radiative transfer modeling.

V. Rosero

NRAO Research Associate in Socorro working on ngVLA configuration studies and simulations.  Early stages of high-mass formation, ionized jets and molecular outflows, hot molecular cores, infrared dark cloud cores, ultra-compact and hyper-compact HII regions.

B. McGuire

Hubble Fellow in Charlottesville. Interstellar reaction screening and unbiased molecular discovery via laboratory Microwave Spectral Taxonomy and AMDOR spectroscopy. ALMA, SOFIA, and GBT investigations of molecular inventories and chemical evolution in exotic chemical environments.


ALMA-JAO Postdoc in Santiago, Chile. Properties of molecular clouds, different phases of the interstellar medium and the process of star formation at different size scales in nearby galaxies and the Milky Way.

K. Stovall

NRAO Research Associate in Socorro. Pulsar searching, High-precision pulsar timing and gravitational waves, Interstellar medium, Binary Pulsars, Pulsar analysis software.