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Summer Students 

The NRAO summer student program has had more than 1,000 participants since 1959. Each student conducts research under the supervision of an NRAO staff member that may involve any aspect of astronomy, including original research, instrumentation, telescope design, or software development. These projects often result in scientific publications. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

National Astronomy Consortium (NAC)

The National Astronomy Consortium (NAC) is a program led by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) and Associated Universities Inc., (AUI) in partnership with the National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP), and a number of minority and majority universities to increase the numbers of students from underrepresented* and underserved groups and those otherwise overlooked by the traditional academic pipeline into STEM or STEM-related careers. The goal of the NAC program is to increase the number of students, who otherwise would have been overlooked by the traditional academic pipeline, in STEM and STEM careers by placing them in a cooperative, diverse team over the summer and beyond.

NINE Program

PhD students may be eligible for the NINE Program.  The goal of NINE is to foster worldwide partnerships with fast growing radio astronomy communities and to benefit each participant, their partnering location, and the radio astronomy community as a whole. To learn more about the NINE program, please visit go.nrao.edu/NINE

PING Program

The Physicists Inspiring the Next Generation program is a collaboration between the National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP), the NRAO and AUI to expose traditionally underrepresented minorities to radio astronomy science and engineering. The undergraduate students selected for the program will be located in Green Bank, WV, where they will be partnered with an astronomer or engineer engaged in cutting edge research. As part of this program the undergraduate students will also have an intensive education outreach experience serving as instructors and mentors for middle school students during a 2-week physics/astronomy research camp.

Co-Op Education  &  Undergrad Internships

The Co-op and Undergraduate Internship program provides opportunities for undergrads in engineering, applied physics, or computer science to enrich their classroom learning experience by working closely with NRAO technical staff on projects at the technological forefront in radio astronomy instrumentation.

Graduate Student Internships

The NRAO maintains a program to support students who are in the early years of a graduate student program at their university -- most often in their first or second year of graduate studies -- and who are interested in pursuing research in radio astronomy, in instrumentation development for radio astronomy, or in areas of electrical engineering or computer science that are closely related to radio astronomy observing techniques or data analysis.

Grote Reber Doctoral Fellowships

The NRAO Grote Reber Doctoral Fellowship Program is jointly sponsored by the NRAO and by universities who wish their Ph.D. thesis students to have a concentrated exposure to research in radio astronomy, its instruments, or computational techniques under the supervision of an NRAO staff astronomer or engineer.

Robert L. Brown Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

The Robert L. Brown Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award is administered by AUI and the NRAO on behalf of Bob Brown’s friends and family to honor Bob’s life and career. The Award is given each year to a recent recipient of a doctoral degree from any recognized degree granting institution in the United States, and is substantially based on new observational data obtained at any NRAO facility and considered to be of an exceptionally high scientific standard.

Student Observing Support 

The NRAO maintains a program to support astronomical research by graduate and undergraduate students at U.S. universities and colleges. This program is intended to strengthen the proactive role of the Observatory in training new generations of scientists and telescope users.

WVU Senior Design & Research Projects

The NRAO offers Seniors at West Virginia University the opportunity to carry out their Senior Design / Research Projects co-supervised by a faculty advisor and an NRAO Green Bank Staff Member.