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Prop Prep

by Mark Adams last modified Feb 26, 2016 by Davis Murphy

Joint Proposals

Proposals for observing time at any of the NRAO operational research facilities -- VLA, GBT, and VLBA --must be submitted to the Observatory using the Proposal Submission Tool (PST) available from NRAO Interactive Services.

A detailed guide to the NRAO Interactive Services and the Proposal Submission Tool is available.

To report errors or problems encountered while using the Proposal Submission Tool, please visit the NRAO HelpDesk.

Joint VLBA-High Sensitivity Array (HSA) observing proposals must use the Proposal Submission Tool.

Proposals for Global centimeter Very Long Baseline Interferometry, or proposals involving only the European VLBI Network (EVN) should be submitted through NorthStar.

For Global 3mm proposals (GMVA), proposal preparation is via the NRAO Proposal Submission Tool.

The EVN Sensitivity Calculator can be found here.

In addition to the operational NRAO research facilities -- VLA, VLBA and GBT --the following non-NRAO telescopes are also available observing involving NRAO telescopes and instrumentation are available:

  • The High Sensitivity Array (HSA): By adding the GBT, phased VLA, Arecibo, and Effelsberg to a VLBA experiment the sensitivity can be increased by an order of magnitude. This capability opens up promising new avenues for scientific discovery (e.g., studies of low-power AGN, extragalactic masers, gravitational lenses). The aim of the High Sensitivity Array initiative is to facilitate the planning, scheduling, and calibration of observations making use of this array.
  • The European VLBI Network (EVN): The EVN is a collaboration of major radio astronomical institutes in Europe, Asia and South Africa, used to provide observations with high angular resolution. VLBA correlators are sometimes used in conjunction with EVN observations.
  • Fermi Collaborative Observing: Through an agreement with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (Fermi) mission, up to 10% of the total observing time on NRAO telescopes may be allocated for collaborative observing with Fermi.