by Davis Murphy last modified Feb 27, 2020

Tile definition and observing status

VLASS observations are broken into tiles 10x4 deg2 in size. The areas covered by each tile, and their observing status in Epoch 1 are listed on this page.

Basic Data Products

The set of survey products produced by NRAO, including links to the archive where they are stored.

Enhanced Data Products

Additional high-level products from external groups.

Calibration and imaging weblogs

When the pipeline runs, it produces a log as a set of webpages, the weblog. This link takes you to the NRAO archive directory where the weblogs are stored.

Interactive HiPS Images

The Hierarchical Progressive Surveys (HiPS) standard allows interactive viewing of large datasets such as sky surveys. We have created HiPS visualizations of the sky survey using the Quick Look images and the Aladin Lite viewer.