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Science Themes & Impacts

Science Themes

The VLASS requirements, design, and data products serve five major science themes. These five themes carefully exploit the unique capabilities of the upgraded Jansky VLA to maximize the scientific impact of the survey: 

  1. Hidden Explosions: Unbiased Measurements of Energetic Events
  2. Faraday Tomography of the Magnetic Sky: Charting the Emergence of Large-scale Magnetic Fields in Galaxies
  3. Imaging Galaxies Through Time and Space: Following the Ecology of Galaxies, Star Formation, and their Black Hole Engines
  4. Peering Through Our Dusty Galaxy: Finding and Studying the Tracers of Stellar and Chemical Evolution
  5. A Lasting Legacy into the SKA Era

Additional Science Impacts

A sample of additional science areas that VLASS is expected to impact includes:

  • Extragalactic Science & Cosmology
    • Cluster Weather and High-z Clusters
    • The Integrated Sachs-Wolf Effect
    • The Cosmic Dipole
    • Clustering of radio sources
    • Gravitational lensing
  • Time Domain Science
    • Supernovae
    • Substellar Auroral Emissions
    • Galactic Center Radio Transients¬†
  • Galactic Science
    • Thermal Emission from Stellar Winds
    • Symbiotic Stars
    • Thermally-emitting Novae
    • Radio Emission from Massive Star Stellar Winds
    • X-ray Binaries