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NRAO Science Program

NRAO observing proposal submission deadlines for the VLA, VLBA, and/or the GBT are 1 February and 1 August each year. The 1 February deadline applies to requests for observing time from 1 August–31 January; the 1 August deadline applies to requests for time from 1 February–31 July. See the most recent NRAO Call for Proposals for additional information.

PIs were notified 16 November 2012 of the ALMA Cycle 1 Proposal Review Process outcome. The most promising proposals were selected as those most likely to be completed using the Cycle 1 capabilities, after their technical feasibility was confirmed by assessors from the JAO and the ALMA Regional Centers. The 196 highest-priority projects cover a wide range of science and are distributed across the five ALMA science categories. ALMA Cycle 1 observing is scheduled to begin in early 2013 and extend for 10 months. ALMA Cycle 0 Early Science observing was completed in December 2012.

VLA, VLBA, GBT Science Programs