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Adjunct Appointments

by Davis Murphy last modified Sep 09, 2016

The NRAO allows for Adjunct Scientist appointments to the scientific staff for individuals who may hold full time salaried positions at other institutions. The goals of Adjunct appointments are to encourage collaboration of the scientific community with the NRAO and to augment the effectiveness of the NRAO in fulfilling its mission.

Terms: Adjunct appointments are for an initial term of three years, renewable subject to a mutual review of the arrangement within six months before the term ends. Appointments can be made at the Assistant, Associate, or Full level of Scientist or Astronomer positions at the NRAO, as defined in the NRAO scientific staff policy manual.  When visiting an NRAO site in an adjunct position, a scientist will be treated as a member of the NRAO scientific staff, eligible for the normal local scientific support to which an NRAO scientific staff member is entitled.  This can include computing support, office space, and phone service.

Criteria: Candidates for adjunct appointments may be full time employees at an academic institution, federally funded research and development center, or foreign equivalents. They should hold a PhD in astronomy and astrophysics, research engineering, computational science, or a related field. Most importantly, candidates should have a clear vision of what they intend to achieve through an adjunct appointment with the Observatory through collaboration with NRAO staff and the use of NRAO telescopes and facilities. 

Appointment Process: An appointment may be made by invitation on terms that are mutually agreed upon. Alternatively, a candidate interested in being considered for an adjunct appointment may contact the Office of Science and Academic Affairs (OSAA). The application process entails submitting a CV, list of publications, names of professional references, and a short justification for becoming an Adjunct at NRAO.  The appointment shall be approved and made by the NRAO Director, upon the recommendation of the OSAA. Appointment renewal is contingent on active involvement in the scientific environment at the NRAO.

Observatory visits: Extended periods working at an NRAO site are encouraged. An Adjunct can propose to NRAO for up to two months’ salary each year and/or supplemental funding for local housing as long as the work is broadly related to the activities of the NRAO. NRAO salary and housing support is also dependent upon availability of funds. The proposal and specific arrangements should be worked out with the OSAA Head, the relevant Assistant Director at the site in question, or the NRAO Director. All such arrangements are subject to approval by the NRAO Director.

Students: We also welcome students (undergraduate and graduate) working with an Adjunct staff who are involved in research and development involving NRAO facilities and staff members.  To help partially support such student involvement, we encourage applying for the funding programs run by the Observatory Science Operations, such as the student support programs.

Affiliation: We ask Adjunct staff members to acknowledge their NRAO affiliation in publications and presentations, if the work was in anyway supported by NRAO.

Inquiries: Inquiries on Adjunct appointments can be made to the OSAA (jutley@nrao.edu).


Adjunct Appointments at the NRAO (August 2011)

Individual (Institution; Term date)

1. M. Creech-Eakman (NMT; 2012)

2.  J. Eilek (NMT; 2012)

3. D. Westpfahl (NMT;  2012)

4. T. Hankins (NMT; 2012)

5.  P. Hofner (NMT; 2013)

6.  K. Johnson (UVa; 2013)

7.  D. Lorimer (WVU; 2013)

8.  Y. Philstrom (UNM; 2013)

9. Y. Shirley (UArizona; 2013)

10. G. Taylor (UNM; 2013)

11. L. Young (NMT; 2013)

12.  L. Anderson (WVU; 2014)

13.  DJ Pisano (WVU; 2014)

14. K. Oberg (UVa; 2014)

15. F. Walter (MPIA; 2014)

16. E. Schinnerer (MPIA; 2014)

17. A. Zensus (MPIA; Indefinite)