An overview of recent research highlights from NRAO telescopes.

Service Observing

NRAO is undertaking monitoring observations of the Galactic Center region in advance of the expected encounter with the G2 cloud in mid-2013 (see the Oct 2012 NRAO eNews).  The VLA montoring data are being obtained under project code TOBS0006, and the raw data are available through the NRAO Archive.  Images and photometry are being posted.

Science Programs

Current and past science programs for each of the NRAO research facilities: ALMA, VLA, VLBA, and GBT.

Key Science Projects

Proposals for VLBA and GBT observing time can be considered for designation as Key Science Projects. Proposals for VLA and ALMA observing time will also be considered for designation as Key Science Projects as these facilities achieve full science operation. Key Science Projects should have high science impact and address fundamental, forefront issues in astronomy and astrophysics .


Describes key surveys conducted using NRAO telescopes and provides access to each survey's data products.

Jansky Lectureship

The Karl G. Jansky Lectureship is an honor established by the trustees of Associated Universities, Inc., to recognize outstanding contributions to the advancement of radio astronomy.

Colloquia and Talks

NRAO colloquia occur in Charlottesville, Socorro, and Green Bank. Many NRAO Colloquia are also available Observatory-wide through the video conferencing system.


NRAO sponsors a wide range of meetings and workshops for the science community.

Decadal Survey

Astro2010, the Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey, is the latest in a series of surveys produced every 10 years by the National Research Council of The National Academy of Sciences. These pages function as a clearinghouse for Astro2010 materials of particular interest to the radio astronomy community.