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Current Jansky Fellows

by Davis Murphy last modified Sep 08, 2015 by Jessica Utley


Tanmoy Laskar, a Jansky fellow at the University of California at Berkeley, received his PhD from Harvard University, working with Professor Edo Berger on the diversity and versatility of γ-ray bursts. He is an expert at multi-wavelength observations and modeling, as well as radio instrumentation, and studies time-domain astrophysics with a focus on energetic transients.

Dustin Madison, a Jansky Fellow at NRAO in Charlottesville, completed his PhD at Cornell University with Professor Jim Cordes. Dustin works with pulsar timing observations to detect and characterize gravitational waves from sources such as binary supermassive black holes. His work has been primarily as a member of the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav), a group utilizing the high-precision pulsar timing capabilities of the 300-m Arecibo Observatory and the 100-m NRAO Green Bank Telescope.



Sarah Burke Spolaor, a Jansky Fellow at NRAO in Socorro, received her PhD at Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia) in 2010. Her expertise is in binary black hole searches, pulsar timing, and fast radio bursts. She has extensive experience having used both the Parkes radio telescope and the EVLA.

Chat Hull, a Jansky Fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, received his PhD at UC Berkeley working on mapping the morphology of magnetic fields using the 1 mm polarization system at CARMA.  Chat works on polarization projects with ALMA and the SMA.

Brett McGuire, a Jansky Fellow at NRAO in Charlottesville, carried out his first year as a Jansky Fellow at Caltech, where he also earned his PhD in the department of Physical Chemistry. Brett has experience in laboratory astrophysics and also observational astronomy having observed with the CSO, CARMA and the GBT. He collaborates with the University of Virginia in both the chemistry and astronomy departments, and the molecular spectroscopy group at the Harvard CfA.



Betsy Mills, a Jansky Fellow at the University of Arizona, completed her PhD work with Mark Morris at UCLA on studies of the Galactic Centre.  She has performed ground-braking work on warm, dense gas in molecular clouds in the inner few pc of the Galaxy. As a Jansky fellow, Betsy works to build a complete picture of the physical conditions in the Galactic center gas from the largest to the smallest scales.



Laura Pérez, a Jansky Fellow at NRAO in Socorro, received her PhD in Astrophysics from Caltech in 2012.  Her research focuses on characterizing the environments where planets form: proto-planetary disks. She is currently studying one of the first steps toward planet formation: the growth of dust grains to pebbles inside proto-planetary disks, employing multi-wavelength observations that include Early Science JVLA measurements. She will also study transitional disks, thought to be intermediate systems were planets might have already formed.

Chris Hales, a Jansky Fellow at NRAO in Socorro, was awarded his PhD in Astronomy from The University of Sydney in Australia. Chris is an expert in radio polarimetry. His research seeks to unveil the role that magnetic fields play in the evolution of the Universe, from the largest cosmological scales down to our cosmic backyard within the Milky Way Galaxy.