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Jansky Fellowship

The deadline for the Jansky Fellowship applications has been extended to Friday, November 15, 2013 at midnight EDT.

Please note: reference letters are requested once your application is submitted, therefore we will accept reference letters (only) until Friday, November 22.  The deadline for applications remains November 15.

2014 Jansky Fellowship Program

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) announces the 2014 Jansky Fellowship Program which provides outstanding postdoctoral opportunities for research in astronomy.  Jansky Fellows formulate and carry out investigations either independently or in collaboration with others within the wide framework of interests of the Observatory.  Prior radio experience is not required and multi-wavelength projects leading to a synergy with NRAO instruments are encouraged. The NRAO also encourages applications from candidates with interest in radio astronomy instrumentation, computation, and theory.

Appointments may be made for positions at any of the NRAO sites: Socorro, NM; Green Bank, WV; and Charlottesville, VA. Jansky Fellows are also encouraged to spend time at universities working with collaborators during the course of their Fellowship.  In addition to appointments at NRAO sites, non-resident Jansky Fellowships may be offered for appointments that are hosted at a university within the United States.  Frequent and/or long term visits to NRAO sites are encouraged.  Split Fellowships with time spent at NRAO and a university within the US are permitted.

The starting salary will be $63,000 per year with appointment duration of two years, and possible renewal for a third.  A research budget of up to $10,000 per year is provided for travel and computing requirements. Fellows are eligible for page charge support, vacation accrual, health insurance coverage, and a moving allowance.  In addition, up to $3,000 per year is provided to non-NRAO institutions hosting Jansky Fellows to defray local institutional costs.

Note that the match between the host university and the candidate's research program is an important factor in the selection process.  Also, appointments of more than one Jansky Fellow at a single external institution at a given time are discouraged.  A list of blocked institutions for 2014 can be found below.

The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for early career scientists to establish themselves as independent researchers so that they may more effectively compete for permanent positions.  The placement of Fellows at institutions other than the NRAO will help foster closer scientific ties between the NRAO and the U.S. astronomical community.  The NRAO Postdoctoral Symposium is held annually to ensure close contact among all Observatory Fellows and the NRAO.

Candidates must receive their PhD prior to beginning a Jansky Fellowship appointment.  The deadline for both applications and reference letters is Friday, November 15, 2013.  Award offers will be made by February 10, 2014, with the Fellowships normally expected to begin September 2014.

For further information and to apply, please visit our Careers Page at https://careers.nrao.edu. Please combine into one PDF file and attach to your NRAO application a cover letter, curriculum vitae, publications list, summary of previous and current research, and a research proposal.

The NRAO is an equal opportunity employer (M/F/D/V)

Application Procedure

  1. Jansky Fellowships are awarded based upon a review by a committee comprised of distinguished astronomers external to the NRAO, internal senior staff members, the Assistant Director of the Office of Science and Academic Affairs, and the Jansky Fellowship Program Coordinator.
  2. The application deadline is Friday, November 15, 2013.  Please note: reference letters are requested once your application is submitted, therefore we will accept reference letters (only) until Friday, November 22. The Jansky Fellowship job posting is found on the NRAO Careers Site at https://careers.nrao.edu/, under the Scientist Position button. If you do not have a login for the NRAO Careers system you will be prompted to create one prior to submitting your scientific application for the Program. As part of the application process you will be prompted for the names and contact information of three individuals for letters of reference.  These individuals should be familiar with your scientific work and abilities.  In addition, you must attach a PDF file to your online application with the following materials combined in the order listed below.  Instructions for doing so are provided during the application process. Hard copies of application materials are not accepted.
  3. Combine into one PDF file and attach to your NRAO application:
    • cover letter;
    • curriculum vitae;
    • publications list;
    • a summary of previous and current research (a maximum of 3 pages of text, including figures and references; 12 pt font);
    • a research proposal (a maximum of 4 pages of text, including figures and references; 12 pt font) that includes a plan for the host institution (NRAO or US University);
        • if a non-NRAO host is selected, you MUST include a letter from the department chair that approves your research proposal
        • the institution(s) that are blocked as hosts for 2014 are:
            • Caltech
        • two (2) back-up host institutions should be named in your cover letter in case of subsequent conflicts
            • a back-up institution can be NRAO
            • no department letter is required from a named back-up host institution

Questions or assistance with the application procedure, as well as requests for additional information on the Jansky Fellowship Program, may be sent to Ms. Jessica Utley, Office of Science and Academic Affairs, at jutley@nrao.edu.