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Jansky Fellowship

by Purav Patel last modified Nov 02, 2015 by Jessica Utley

Applicants please note:

1. Attach all required documents in one PDF using the "Other" option in the application system. 

2. The online system WILL accept applications until 11:59 pm EST, November 2, 2015.

2016 Jansky Fellowship Program

The Jansky Fellowship Program supports outstanding postdoctoral scientists whose research is broadly related to the mission and scientific goals of the world-class research facilities operated by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO): the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, Very Large Array, Very Long Baseline Array, and Green Bank Telescope. Prior radio-wavelength experience is not required and research that synergistically employs NRAO telescopes in multi-wavelength collaborations is encouraged. Candidates with interests in radio astronomy instrumentation, computation, and theory are also encouraged to apply.

Applications are solicited for Fellowships that will begin in 2016. Appointments may be made for Fellowships at the NRAO research facilities in New Mexico, West Virginia, or Virginia. Non-resident Jansky Fellowships may be offered for appointments hosted at a U.S. university. Applicants requesting a non-resident Fellowship must present a compelling case for an appointment at the proposed host institution. Fellowships that request time at an NRAO facility and a U.S. university are permitted. Frequent and/or long-term visits to NRAO sites are encouraged for all non-resident Jansky Fellows. Candidates must receive their Ph.D. prior to beginning a Jansky Fellowship appointment.

The starting salary for the 2016 Jansky Fellowship program will be $64,260 per year for an initial two-year appointment with possible renewal for a third year. A research budget of up to $10,000 per year is provided for travel and computing support. Fellows are also eligible for page charge support, vacation accrual, health insurance, and a relocation allowance. Up to $3,000 per year is provided to non-NRAO institutions hosting Jansky Fellows to defray local institutional expenses.

The NRAO Jansky Fellowship Program provides numerous opportunities for early career scientists to acquire a deep knowledge and understanding of the state-of-the-art in radio astronomy and to establish themselves as innovative, independent research scientists. Jansky Fellows are encouraged to develop research collaborations with NRAO scientific staff, scientists at U.S. universities, and their colleagues in the international astronomical community. An annual, multi-day NRAO Postdoctoral Symposium fosters collaboration between Jansky Fellows and the Observatory’s scientific staff.

The deadline for the receipt of all 2016 Jansky Fellowship Program application materials, including letters of reference, is Monday, 2 November 2015. Award offers will be made by 12 February 2016. Fellowships normally begin in September 2016. 

Application Procedure

1. Jansky Fellowships are awarded based upon a review by a committee that comprises distinguished astronomers external to the NRAO and internal senior staff members, as well as the Assistant Director of the NRAO Science and Academic Affairs and the manager of the Jansky Fellowship program.

2. ALL materials (including reference letters) must be received by the application deadline – Monday, November 2, 2015. The Jansky Fellowship job posting is found on the NRAO Careers Site.  If you do not have a login for the NRAO Careers system you will be prompted to create one prior to submitting your scientific application for the program. You must attach a PDF file to your online application with the following materials combined in the order listed under (3) below. Instructions for doing so are provided during the application process. Hard copies of application materials are not accepted.

3. Combine into one PDF file and attach to your NRAO application:

    • cover letter; please include your host institution choice(s) in the cover letter
    • curriculum vitae;
    • publications list;
    • a summary of previous and current research (a maximum of 3 pages of text, including figures and references; 12 pt font);
    • a research proposal (a maximum of 4 pages of text, including figures and references; 12 pt font) that includes a plan for the host institution (NRAO or US University);
        • if a non-NRAO host is selected, you MUST include a letter from the department chair that approves your research proposal.
        • the institution(s) that are blocked as hosts for 2016 are:
          • UC-Berkeley
          • Harvard (CfA)
        • two (2) back-up host institutions should be named in your cover letter in case of subsequent conflicts
          • a back-up institution can be NRAO
          • no department letter is required from a named back-up host institution 

Reference Letters

Each applicant should arrange for letters of reference to be submitted by three individuals (“referees”) familiar with her or his scientific abilities directly to the Office of Science and Academic Affairs. These letters MUST be received by the application deadline (11/2/15). Letters should be submitted to Jessica Utley, Jansky Fellowship Program Administrator, via email at jutley@nrao.edu using the file name "ApplicantNameJANSKY2016REF." Applicants are responsible for ensuring that letters of reference have been sent by their referees.

Questions or assistance with the application procedure, as well as requests for additional information on the Jansky Fellowship Program may be sent to Jansky2016@nrao.edu.

The NRAO is an equal opportunity employer (M/F/D/V)