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2021 AAS Presentations

by Jim Braatz last modified Jan 11, 2021
NRAO/GBO Summer Student Presentations at the January 2021 AAS

Please check out the following presentations by NRAO/GBO Summer Students at the January 2021 AAS!  We also include presentations by our Reber Fellows.

StudentSession IDDate/Time (ET)TypeTitle
Megan Lewis (Reber Fellow) 119.04 Mon 12:30 Oral Dissertation Probing the Galactic AGB population through SiO maser emission
Azia Robinson 131.01 Mon 4:10 iPoster+ Radio Continuum Observations of Five Massive Protostars to Build Extended Spectral Energy Distributions
Trevor McCaffrey 138.08 Mon iPoster Constraining the Origins of Radio Emission in Radio-quiet QSOs with High-resolution Observations from the Very Large Array
Emiko Gardiner 138.13 Mon iPoster Searching for X-shaped Radio Galaxies Hosting Binary Supermassive Blackholes
Savannah Gramze 153.08 Mon iPoster Colliding Clouds in the Milky Way's Bar
Alexander Johnson 153.10 Mon iPoster Detecting HII Regions in the Outer Scutum-Centaurus Arm
Allison Matthews (Reber Fellow) 232.02 Tue 4:20 Oral Dissertation A Radio Continuum Measurement of the Star Formation History of the Universe
Lerato Sebokolodi 307.05 Wed 12:40 Oral Dissertation Sub-kpc Magnetic Field Fluctuations around Cygnus A
Christa DeCoursey 311.05 Wed 12:50 Oral Tracing the Star Formation Activity in the Most Distant Galaxies in the Universe
Maile Harris 316.02 Wed 12:10 iPoster+ Efficiency Modeling for an Ultra-wideband Receiver for the Green Bank Telescope
Mauricio Rodriguez (NINE) 323.02 Wed 12:10 iPoster+ NINE Virtual Radio Astronomy Hub for Costa Rica and the Central America Region
Josef Zimmerman 340.04 Wed iPoster The Impact of Unmodeled Planetary Shapiro Delay on Pulsar Timing Array Sensitivity
Olivia Young 340.09 Wed iPoster Ranking Pulsar Plots using Coherence Measures
Savannah Cary 343.01 Wed iPoster Identifying and Simulating Hydrogen in the Galactic Center Outflow
Gabriella Agazie 345.02 Wed iPoster Optimizing the Next GBT Pulsar Survey
Abigail Harden 348.03 Wed iPoster MUSTANG-2 90GHz Observations of Star-Forming Regions From the Star Formation in Radio Survey
Nycole Wenner 348.08 Wed iPoster Multi-epoch observations of methanol masers in DR21(OH)
Efrain Rodriguez 353.06 Wed iPoster Exploring New RFI Excision Techniques
Henry Prager 353.09 Wed iPoster Assessment of Radio Calibrators using Visibility Properties
Max Mason 353.10 Wed iPoster Analysis of Additional masking to SurfaceScans by the Laser Antenna Surface Scanning Instrument
Luca Beale (Reber Fellow) 407.02 Thu 12:10 Oral Globular Clusters in M33 and the Kinematics of the Halo
Kadin Worthen 506.03 Fri 12:30 Oral The ages of 70μm-dark clouds inferred from carbon chain chemistry
Genna Crom 511.04 Fri 12:30 Oral High-Resolution NH3 Gas Temperatures in the Galactic Center Cloud M0.10-0.08
Diego Garcia 529.03 Fri 4:30 iPoster+ Low-Redshift z < 0.2 Quasars: QSO and Host Galaxy Relationship
Mihika Rao 533.01 Fri 4:10 iPoster+ Very Long Baseline Interferometry Imaging of the Very Large Array Sky Survey Detections
Kyle Massingill 538.02 Fri iPoster A Search for SZE halos around high-z QSOs
John Beasley (NINE) 547.09 Fri iPoster The NRAO NINE program and Radio Astronomy Accessibility
Serena Cronin 551.11 Fri iPoster The Local Environments of Low-Redshift Supernovae