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Grote Reber Doctoral Fellowships

by Jim Braatz last modified Apr 24, 2019

Grote Reber Doctoral Fellowship ProgramGrote Reber (1937)

Next application deadline: August 23, 2019

The Grote Reber Doctoral Fellowship Program gives Ph.D. students an opportunity to conduct research in radio astronomy, radio instrumentation, or computational techniques at one of the NRAO sites under the supervision of an NRAO staff astronomer or engineer.  The program is jointly sponsored by NRAO and the students' home universities.

Examples of NRAO Pre-Doctoral students and Reber Fellows and their topics since 1990 are given here.

To be eligible, the student must be engaged in a well-advanced thesis project and have the support of both their prospective NRAO advisor and their academic department.  The duration of the appointment may range from several months up to two years, with the possibility of a few months' extension under extenuating circumstances.  The student is expected to be based at the NRAO site for the duration of the award.

Opportunities for participation in the Reber Fellowship program are available at all NRAO sites.  Reber Fellows are paid a stipend and have access to NRAO's computing resources.  Reber Fellows are also encouraged and funded to attend one scientific meeting per year to present their Ph.D. research.  The university departments are expected to cover tuition, insurance, and other student benefits.  For more information, please see the Reber Fellowship Program terms and conditions.

To be eligible for the NRAO Reber Fellowship program students must first:

  • Complete all university course requirements and qualifier exams so that only the thesis research is needed as an academic requirement for the Ph.D. degree.
  • Identify an NRAO staff member who will serve as thesis co-advisor and as local supervisor of the student's research program.
  • Obtain the consent of their thesis advisor and of the chairman of their academic department to participate in the NRAO Reber Fellowship program.

The student's NRAO advisor can then apply for the program on behalf of the student.  Application materials should be sent by email to .  The application should include:

  • Recommendation letters from the student's University advisor and the proposed NRAO advisor (who may be the same person) nominating the student for a Reber Doctoral Fellowship appointment.
  • A description of the dissertation project, not to exceed 4 pages.
  • A timeline for completion of the Ph.D., including milestones such as observing programs, paper publication schedule, and intended conference presentations.
  • The student's Curriculum Vitae.
  • A signed letter from the student's University Department Chair stating that the student has completed the required course work, passed the necessary qualifier exams, and has the Department's permission to complete the Ph.D. research at NRAO as a Reber Fellow.

Application deadlines occur twice per year, in April and August.  The next deadline will be August 23, 2019 for appointments beginning in January 2020.  Awards are decided by a selection committee that consists of NRAO staff from each site.  Contact with any questions.

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