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ALMA Special Session at the 220th AAS

by Purav Patel last modified Jul 12, 2012 by Dong-Chan Kim

ALMA Early Science Results & Opportunities:

Organized by the North American ALMA Science Center
220th American Astronomical Society Meeting | Anchorage, AK
Thursday, June 14, 2012 | 02:00 - 03:30 PM
Location: Ballroom B, Dena'ina Center

14 antenna

At the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) Special Session in Austin (January 2012), Cycle 0 Early Science results were presented from the first months of science operations. This Special Session, for the Anchorage AAS meeting (June 2012), will report scientific results from most of the Cycle 0 Early Science program, which was initiated 30 September 2011. During this period, ALMA sensitivity, image fidelity, and resolution will greatly improve compared to existing facilities at wavelengths from 0.4 to 3.6 mm (720 - 84 GHz), enabling transformative science across many fields of astrophysics.

The ALMA Cycle 0 Early Science Call for Proposals resulted in an exceptional over-subscription rate of 9:1. A diverse set of 112 high priority programs from scientists around the globe was granted observing time based on scientific merit as judged by an international review panel. North American PIs are leading 38 of these programs, with targets from Io’s atmosphere to high-z quasar hosts.

This Special Session will describe highlights from the North American ALMA Early Science observing programs and will be the first public presentation of ALMA science results obtained by the general community. After an overview of Early Science capabilities and opportunities, users from the North American community will present first science results on topics including the Solar System, planet-forming disks, molecular clouds, star formation, and high-z galaxies. Contributed oral presentations will comprise ~ 50% of this Special Session.

The timing for this Special Session is particularly advantageous for the community in that it coincides with completion of the first ALMA Early Science cycle, and precedes a major international ALMA science conference being planned for December 2012 in Chile. This Special Session will provide an excellent and timely opportunity for AAS members to discuss the first ALMA science results and plan for future opportunities.

Speakers: Kartik Sheth (NRAO), Jonathan Tan (Univ. of Florida), Remy Indebetouw (Univ. of Virginia/NRAO), Raghvendra Sahai (JPL/Caltech), Nicholas Scoville (Caltech).

Talk presented by speakers:

Talk TitleSpeakerDownload
ALMA in Early Science (Cycles 0 and 1) Kartik Sheth
The Dynamics of Massive Starless Cores Jonathan Tan
ALMA's View of Molecular Gas in 30 Doradus Remy Indebetouw
Probing the Molecular Outflows of the Coldest Known Object in the Universe: The Boomerang Nebula Raghvendra Sahai PDF
Measuring the ISM Contents of Galaxies with ALMA Nicholas Scoville PDF