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ALMA Ambassadors Virtual Events

Our ALMA Ambassadors are still hosting their events! However, ALL EVENTS have gone virtual due to the COVID-19 outbreak. You can still register for any of the events below so just pick the one that fits your schedule the best.The new dates for the events are listed below:

Cycle 8 ALMA Community Day & Proposal Planning Events
Dates Location Contact Event Website
March 19, 2020 Online (originally at Carnegie, Pasadena) Gregory Walth / Serena Perrota website
March 20, 2020 Online (originally at UMaryland) Veronica Allen website
March 23, 2020 Online (originally at UToronto/OSU) Toby Brown / Amy Sardone website
March 24, 2020 Online (originally at Haverford College) David Stark website
March 25, 2020 Online (originally at U La Serena) Jorge Gonzalez Lopez / David Rebolledo website
March 26, 2020 Online (originally at UWyoming) George Privon website
March 27, 2020 Online (originally at JHU) Andrey Vayner / Alexander Thelen website
March 30, 2020 Online (originally at UOklahoma) Ben Tofflemire website
March 31, 2020 Online (originally at Columbia) website
April 1, 2020 Online (originally at UDP, Chile) Jorge Gonzalez Lopez / David Rebolledo website
April 2, 2020 Online (originally at NASA Goddard) Veronica Allen / Alexander Thelen website
April 3, 2020 Online (originally at UWashington) Danielle Lucero website