Supplementary material for Goss, W.M., Hooker, C., and Ekers, R.D.: Joe Pawsey and the Founding of Australian Radio Astronomy- Early Discoveries, from the Sun to the Cosmos (Springer, 2022)
NRAO ONLINE.2.CenA.1962.Nature, Publication,Bracewell.Bowen.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.3.Schedvin.CSIRO History 1983.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.6.MARTYN.TRIP.UK.1939.rh5-22.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.7.Martyn Scandal 1940. Breakdown 1954.rh5-28.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.8.1961.Bulletin.Magazine.Mills Cross vs Parkes Dish.1962.rh5-29.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.9.Darwin Radar Station 1942.rh5-29.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.10.Pither RAAF History.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.11.Moran.Threat from Air 1941-1942.rh5-29.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.12.Epilogue.Darwin.Radar Failure 1942.rh5-31.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.13.Oliphant.Visit. to Sydney RPL 1942.rh6-1.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.14.High.Frequency Radar Group Move Melbourne 1942.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.15.Madsen Resignation. RAB Board Chair 1942.rh6-5.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.16.White Lecture 1943 Radar in Europe.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.17.Tizard.Visit Australia.1943.rh6-6.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.18.Australian Group Radiation Lab.1944-45.rh2-19.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.19.Associated Press Brouhaha Early Radio Astronomy 1946.rh6-8.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.20.Solar Precis RPL Post War to 1963 Metre Wave.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.21.Eclipse Expedition Failure 1947 RPL Cavendish.rh6-8.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.22.Pawsey Ionosphere Research 1947-1954 ABCD.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.23.Solar Physics Precis. Post War.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.24.Martyn Pawsey Bowen-Controversy over the Million Degree Corona 1946.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.25.Cloud.Physics.Pawsey.1947-48.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.26.Pawsey.Canada Connection.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.27.New Australia Journal Concerns 1948-59.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.28.IAU.Commission Radio Astronomy 40 Report.1955.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.29.Pawsey Flinders Lecture.1957.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.30.Conflict Payne-Scott Ryle Type III Bursts.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.31.Burchell BlackCloud Hoyle creates Pawsey as Harry Leicester Australian Scientist.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.32.Appendix TIFR TK .Menon IAU 1961.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.33 Tata Institute Fundamental Research. Pawsey and Indian Radio Astronomy.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.34.URSI at 100 book Australian radio astronomy Helen Sim.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.35.Pawsey images USSR 1958.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.36.Pawsey Postwar Public Policy.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.37.Mills.1953 Events--Baade, Prototype Cross and AAAS Boston 1953.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.38.GRT.1951-1952.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.39.GRT.1953.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.40.GRT.1954.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.41.GRT.1955.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.42.GRT.1956.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.43.GRT.1957.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.44.GRT.1958.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.45.GRT.1959.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.46.GRT.1960.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.47.GRT.1961-1962.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.48.Tale of three peg events.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.49.Jim Roberts Autobiography.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.50 Helen Sim MSc thesis Rainmakers.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.51.Pawsey Internationalist.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.52.Pawsey photos Solar Conference Sac Peak.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.53.Pawsey Bracewell text book 1955.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.55.Duguid.Champion Aboriginal Rights.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.56.TV Interview Transcript George Baker with Pawsey and RG Giovanelli 1960 Nov 11 Horizons.ABC.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.57.1 Stromlo 1957 Conference New Galactic Coordinates.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.57.2 Groningen Meeting Nov 1957.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.57.3 Drake Gal Centre Image 8 GHz 1959.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.57.4. Ovenden Critique New Gal Coordinate 1959.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.58.1 Struve Sky and Telescope.pdf
NRAO ONLINE.58.2.Colin.Gum.Biographical Sketch.pdf

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