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Staying in Socorro

Directions and Access

For directions to Socorro and the VLA site, please refer to our Directions and Maps page.


Official Visitors Only: Lodging is only available to official visitors; there are no NRAO accommodations available for public visitors touring the area.

Registration Required: All visitors to NM-NRAO facilities must register online at the link above. Those who do not register prior to their arrival will be required to do so before entering our facilities.

Visiting the NRAO Albuquerque Office (ABQ): Registration is required for all visitors to the NRAO Albuquerque Office (ABQ).

Building Access: Only visitors escorted by their local NRAO host will be allowed access to this facility. Hosts are responsible for providing entry to the ABQ suites; visitors will not be supplied with a key entry card to enter the facilities unattended. All visitors must sign-in and follow all COVID-19 safety protocols in place during their visit.

Parking: Free two-hour parking is available in the front of the building, otherwise paid parking (parking kiosk) is available in the parking structure to the west of the building and in the lot off of University Blvd., see map here.

VLBA Site Visits: Those visiting any of our 10 VLBA sites must coordinate their travel with the NRAO Engineering Division. Please contact our Visitor Coordinator nmreserv@nrao.edu for details.

Questions: For all questions regarding reservations, contact the NRAO Visitor Coordinator at nmreserv@aoc.nrao.edu or 575-835-7490.



NRAO Guesthouse

Visitors to Socorro can take advantage of the NRAO Guest House. This facility contains eight single, four double, and two two-bedroom apartments, plus a lounge/kitchen, and full laundry facilities. The Guest House is located on the New Mexico Tech (NMT) campus, a 5 - 10-minute walk from the SOC. 


  • Payment: Payment is due prior to check out. For non-NRAO employee visitors, a credit card is requested to secure your reservation. Notify the reservationist in advance if charges are to be directly billed.
  • Pets: No pets of any kind are permitted in the facility. This is for the safety of residents as well as pets.
  • Pest Control: A program of monthly pesticide service is used at the facility to control insects. Contact the reservationist for more information.
  • NRAO-NM Guest House Visitor Packet: Details all policies and information related to the NRAO-NM Guest House; please find the complete packet here.

Guesthouse Rooms and Rates

Photos Unit Type/Description Max Occupancy Rate (Daily)
NRAO Guest House - Single

Single (8 units)

The guest house single units include 1 queen sized bed, armoire, private bathroom, telephone, wireless and wired internet.

2 $40
NRAO Guest House - Double

Double (4 units)

The guest house double units include 2 full-sized beds, armoire, private bathroom, TV, telephone, wireless and wired internet.

4 $50

NRAO Guest House - Apartment

NRAO Guest House - Apartment, Kitchen

NRAO Guest House - Apartment, Bed 1

NRAO Guest House - Apartment, Bed 2

Apartment (2 units)

The guest house apartment units include two bedrooms with 1 queen sized bed, 1 full sized bed, and an armoire in each. The common areas include, a living room with pull-out sofa, chairs and TV. A dining area, full kitchen, private bathroom, telephone, and outdoor back patio. There is wireless and wired internet throughout.

6 $65
NRAO Guest House - Single Student (Single) 2 $30
NRAO Guest House - Double Student (Double) 4 $45


  • Rates for double rooms are per room, regardless of the number of occupants (family, spouse, children). Exception: If all single rooms are occupied and a double room is available, the rate for the room will be $45.
  • If all single and double rooms are occupied, the rate for the apartment will be $50 per bedroom used.
  • Student: If all single and double rooms are occupied, the rate for using the apartment will be $40 per bedroom used.
  • The apartments are intended for families at a rate of $65. Requests by individuals for using the apartment for one bedroom are invoiced at $65 per night and $50 per night for each bedroom if both bedrooms are used.
  • Weekly and monthly discounts are available for reservations that meet the length of stay requirements; these discounted rates will display automatically.

Please contact our Visitor Coordinators for more information at nmreserv@nrao.edu.

Offsite Lodging

Since Socorro is located just off I-25, it has more than its share of motels, see a listing here: https://www.socorronm.org/lodging/ 

Most are located on California Street, the main business thoroughfare.  Typical walking distance to NRAO is 20 - 30 minutes.

Registration is still required for offsite lodging and day visits.

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