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ALMA Ambassadors Program

by Dong-Chan Kim last modified Jun 08, 2017

Charlottesville Hands-on ALMA Outreach Event (Apr 26-27 & May 9-10, 2011)

The ALMA Ambassadors Postdoctoral Program provides training and a $10,000 research grant to postdoctoral researchers interested in expanding their ALMA/interferometry expertise and sharing that knowledge with their home institutions through the organization of ALMA Cycle 5 proposal writing workshops. The NAASC will sponsor a group of selected postdocs to travel to NAASC headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia for 3 days in February 2017 to receive in depth training in topics related to ALMA proposal writing (including interferometry basics, ALMA science capabilities, recent ALMA headlines, and use of the Observing Tool) as well as guidance with speaking on these topics. The postdocs will then return to their home institutions to host a local day-long proposal writing workshop (similar to an abbreviated version of Community Day and NRAO Live! events from previous observing cycles) in Feb/March 2017 in advance of the Cycle 5 ALMA proposal deadline in April.

All talk materials, supplies, and infrastructure for the workshops are provided by the NAASC. A $10,000 monetary grant is offered in support of the selected postdocs' independent research programs. Postdocs with some radio or sub-mm interferometry experience are preferred. Postdocs must be based at a US institution. Although not required, we will consider multiple postdoctoral applicants from the same institution.

Deadline to apply is December 15th. To apply please send a CV and a cover letter explaining: (i) your interest in the program, (ii) your experience with interferometry, (iii) any experience you have giving talks, and (iv) your availability to attend a training workshop in Charlottesville in February 2017 to Sabrina Stierwalt (sstierwa@nrao.edu).

For more information contact Sarah Wood (swood@nrao.edu).