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North American ALMA Science Center Webinars

The ambitious ALMA2030 Wideband Sensitivity Upgrade seeks to at least double and eventually quadruple the correlated bandwidth of the ALMA Observatory's antennas. The 1.3mm band receiver (Band 6v2) will be the first receiver upgraded as a part of the ALMA2030 Development Roadmap.   A Webinar on the ALMA Wideband Sensitivity Upgrade and Other New Capabilities was held 16 March, 2022. The recording and presentations from this North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC) Webinar are available online.

ALMA introduced a number of changes to the proposal process in Cycle 8 2021, including the adoption of dual anonymous practices for all proposals (in which neither the reviewer nor proposing team know the identity of the other) and distributed peer review (in which each proposing team provides a reviewer for ten other submitted proposals.  A Webinar on the Outcomes from the ALMA Cycle 8 Review was held on 17 February, 2022 that summarized the changes made to the proposal review process and the results of the distributed peer review process.  The recording and presentations from this North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC) Webinar are available online.  Papers summarizing the results and systematics of the process are also available - "Analysis of the ALMA Cycle 8 Distributed Peer Review Process" by Donovan Meyer et al. 2022 and "Update on the Systematics in the ALMA Proposal Review Process after Cycle 8" by Carpenter et al. 2022.

Student Funding Opportunity for ALMA Archival Research

The North American ALMA Science Center is pleased to announce a funding opportunity to support students working on data obtained from the ALMA archive. Read more…

ALMA Science Archive previews

The ALMA Science Archive now features fully interactive previews (zoom & pan) which can be accessed directly from the result table of the ALMA Science Archive interface. For each spectral window, the main FITS file is identified and its preview displayed if available. (read more

Data Reduction and Publication Support

The North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC) provides travel and lodging support during your visit to NRAO headquarters in Charlottesville, VA from investigators of successful ALMA programs or archival researchers.  If you need any help in reducing your data, or just a quiet week away in Central Virginia to finish writing up your next ALMA paper, consider coming for a face-to-face visit to work closely with our data analysts and scientific staff.  For more information and to request a visit, please see https://science.nrao.edu/facilities/alma/visits and submit a ticket to the face-to-face visits department of the ALMA Helpdesk. Come visit us!
You can also consult with our EPO team to see if your results would have broader public interest and to explore outreach opportunities.

Feedback on ALMA data analysis tools is greatly appreciated. Please communicate any obstacles encountered in the path from data delivery to publication by submitting a Helpdesk ticket. In particular, has a lack of computing resources, software for analysis, visualization, plotting, or other "tools" proven to be a difficulty? NRAO thanks you in advance for your feedback.

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For more information about the NAASC, please contact us at 434-296-0308 or via email at , or the NA ARC Manager Anthony Remijan at 434-244-6848 or via email at .