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The first year of ALMA science

by Dong-Chan Kim last modified Jan 13, 2014

ALMA in the Coming Decade: A Development Workshop

The ALMA Joint Observatory announces that the international conference "The first year of ALMA science" will be held in Hotel Cumbres Patagónicas, Puerto Varas, Chile on December 12-15, 2012.

ALMA Early Science operations have started at the end of September 2011. Over one hundred high science profile projects have been identified as high priority for execution. The first exciting scientific results from Science Verification datasets and Cycle 0 observations are coming out in refereed journals since the beginning of 2012. At the end of the year, the ALMA users community will be in a position to review the first science results produced by this new and unique facility. The conference will cover all the ALMA Science topics covered by Early Science observations, from observations of the Solar System bodies to objects in our own Galaxy, the local to high redshift Universe.
While the conference will obviously focused on ALMA observational results, we plan to include presentations and discussions on related theoretical implications and predictions as well as relevant complementary data from other major facilities. The conference will also be an ideal venue to discuss the scientific priorities for the ALMA development plan upgrades in the context of the first results from Early Science.

To allow more ALMA users to propose contributions based on results from their Cycle 0 projects we selected a late deadline for abstract contributions on Oct 27, 2012.