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NRAO Community Day at the University of Texas

by Dong-Chan Kim last modified Oct 18, 2013

NRAO Community Day at the WM


Date: November 1, 2013
Time: 9:20am - 5:30pm
Location: Peter O'Donnell Jr. Building, Room 2.302

NRAO and The Department of Astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin will be hosting an NRAO Community Day on Friday November 1 on the UT Austin Campus. We welcome participation from our colleagues at other nearby UT campuses. More info and logistical details for the event can be found on the UT page. In the first part of the workshop, NRAO representatives will provide an overview of radio astronomy and interferometry; how it relates to different scientific themes; an overview of NRAO facillities (ALMA, JVLA, GBT, VLBA); and the NRAO observing tool. The second part of the workshop will tailored to the interest of the participants. After the workshop, participants should have sufficient background to propose for time on NRAO facilities and to analyze data taken from these telescopes. This event is free and without registration fee.