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2012 NSF Portfolio Review

2012 NSF Porfolio Review

Recent News:

The state of West Virginia has passed two resolutions supporting the GBT and the work done at NRAO's Green Bank facility and laying a path forward for us to work with a number of state agencies and institutions to resolve the funding issues raised by the divestiture.  Copies if the state resolutions can be found below:

West Virginia University has signed an agreement with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory pledging to support its facility at Green Bank in Pocahontas County, to the tune of $1 million during the next two years to pay a portion of personnel and operations costs.  This agreement is the beginning of a longer term deal with NRAO to aid the the support of the GBT and Green Bank facility.




In 2012 The Portfolio Review Committee Report (PDF) recommends NSF divest from the NRAO Green Bank Telescope and Very Long Baseline Array by 2017.

You can join the community discussion at the online AUI forum.

If implemented by NSF, these recommendations will have major impacts on the astronomy community, as described in the following responses to the Report: