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VEGAS - 8 Banks available - Oct 11, 2015

by Toney Minter last modified Oct 15, 2015

All eight VEGAS banks are now available as of Oct 11, 2015. With a caveat (see below), this means that any observer who has been waiting for the full 8 banks (i.e KFPA, or someone wanting 64 spectral windows) can now enabled their projects / sessions.  Please contact your project friend if you wish to have more information.



Currently there is a switch in the Converter Module which can result in low power levels for some observations.  We are avoiding this switch by not allowing Optical Drive 5 to be used for most receivers.  For KFPA observations you should ask the operator to remove "Optical Driver 5 from the devhealth.conf file".  This will allow all beams of the KFPA to be routed to VEGAS.  However, the LCP of beams 3 and 7 may experience low power levels.

We are currently working on finding a replacement part for this back switch and hope to have this repaired in a few weeks.