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VEGAS Bank To Bank

by Toney Minter last modified Sep 24, 2018
Figure 1
A representative plot of the system temperature as a function of frequency for a single polarization with the X-band receiver (9Ghz). The four lines correspond to banks A,C,E and G.
Figure 2
The same observation made a few minutes later, but with the input to the opposite polarization in each VEGAS IF module terminated.
Figure 3
A "before" observation, showing the bank-to-bank variation in line intensities observed with the old configuration
Figure 4
An "after" observation of the same radio recombination line observed in all four banks using the new configuration. There are four separate lines in the figure, which lie essentially on top of each other.
Figure 5
A comparison of observations from the GBT Spectrometer (black) from December and the new VEGAS configuration (red) from April.