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VEGAS Real Time Display - Beta Version

by Toney Minter last modified Jun 24, 2015

We are releasing a beta version of the VEGAS Real Time Display (RTD) for general testing by the GBT user community.  The beta version will only run on web browsers launched from Green Bank computers.  Remote observers will thus have to open a web browser inside their VNC session in order to run the VEGAS RTD beta version.

We encourage all observers to send comments and suggestions to Joe Masters (jmasters -at- nrao.edu) and .Toney Minter (tminter -at- nrao.edu) so that we may provide the best tool possible to the GBT community.

The VEGAS RTD beta version is launched using the following web address

An overview of the VEGAS RTD display can be found at https://vegasdisplay-beta.gb.nrao.edu/static/vegas_display_users_guide.html