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Flux Calibrator Models

by Amy Mioduszewski last modified May 09, 2012 by Gustaaf Van Moorsel
Flux Calibrator Models

Flux calibrator models for the four standard flux calibrators have been available for many years for the L, C, X, U, K, and Q bands. These are available in the two data reduction packages (CASA and AIPS) most commonly used for EVLA data. It is strongly suggested that these models always be used when the flux calibration is done. The EVLA has added two new bands and much wider bandwidths. Therefore we will be making new models for Ka and S bands but also offering more models at the VLA bands so that the model closest to the frequency of observation can be used.

Currently we have models for Ka band B array models at four frequencies. Choose the one closest to your observing frequency.

3C48 (0137+331):

3C286 (1331+305):

3C138 (0521+166):

3C147 (0542+498):