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New Opportunity: Joint Observations with NICER

The NRAO and NASA  are entering into an agreement to support joint proposals with NRAO/GBO telescopes and the Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) mission.

Joint observing proposals will begin with NRAO semester 24A (proposal deadline August 2023, with observing commencing in February 2024) and NICER Cycle 6 (proposal deadline September 2023, with observations commencing in March 2024).


NRAO as Main Observatory: The NRAO can award up to 250 ks of NICER observing time per year.  Observing time on NICER may be time constrained (e.g., targets of opportunity).  This includes monitoring that precedes, follows, and/or (for ToOs) triggers NRAO observing time.

NICER data will not be proprietary to the PI and will be released publicly within 14 days of the observations, consistent with NICER’s routine operations.  No funds will be awarded from the NICER mission when the NRAO is the main observatory.


NICER as Main Observatory: NICER can award up to 5% of the NRAO/GBO scientific observing time available on the VLA, GBT, and VLBA, or up to 200-300 hours per year on each telescope.  Allocation of time on ALMA is not covered by this agreement. 

NRAO/GBO data will be the property of the PI for the standard 12 month proprietary period.  NICER will make funding available to successful U.S.-based investigators who request NRAO/GBO observing time through the NICER GO process.