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Telescope Time Allocation Committee

The NRAO/GBO Telescope Time Allocation Committee (TAC) is comprised of the chairs of the Science Review Panels. Members typically serve for two years. Their role is to represent the science expertise of the relevant SRP and to collectively make recommendations to the NRAO/GBO regarding time allocation and scheduling priorities of proposals submitted to the Observatory each semester, weighing science merit, technical feasibility, and programmatic concerns.

The TAC membership for semester 24B is:

  • Dr. Laura Spitler, GWT panel, MPIfR
  • Dr. Joeri van Leeuwen, PCO panel, ASTRON
  • Dr. Chenoa Tremblay, ISM panel, SETI
  • Dr. Tracy Clarke, NGA Panel, NRL
  • Dr. Stephen White (chair), SSP panel, AFRL
  • Dr. Jaime Pineda, SFM panel, MPE
  • Dr. Violette Impellizzeri, LLA panel, Leiden
  • Dr. Robert Laing, HLA panel, SKAO
  • Dr. Danielle Lucero, EGS panel, Virginia Tech
  • Dr. James Bartlett, HIZ panel, University of Paris/JPL